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ear pad for Sony MDR-V7

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Hello, I'm a new member. I have an old earphone Sony MDR-V7 who works good but the ear pad are complitly used. Where can I find them or is there other models I can use? Thank you very much.

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Congratulations - that's a fun 'phone with thunderous bass and brilliant highs. Exaggerated, of course, but there is something fascinating about those saphire-evaporated drivers.




V7 with DT250 pads.


Search the site for more information.


Sony MDR-V6 and MDR-7506 pads fit, but Beyer DT250 (velour) are most comfortable.

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Thank you very much for your response. I've found some MDR-7506 ear pad on a website (thomann). See you soon

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Beware: Sony pads are notoriously expensive. A pair of Beyer DT250 pads (softskin or velour) is cheaper than a single Sony MDR-7506 pad at Thomann.

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Too late, I've already order the Sony ear pads.

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Hello, I am new here...so this is my first post (reply). I own 2 pair of Sony MDR-V7's (bought new at Fry's Electronics many years ago). One with the original Sony type ear cushion's (I have gone thru a number of replacement ear cushion pads over the years) and one with the Beyerdynamic DT 250 "velour" cushions.


I find the Beyerdynamic one's incredibe (once you get used to the change from the original's).


If you are looking for original Sony type ear cushions go to ebay. Order ear cushions for a Sony MDR-V6 or MDR-7506 (exactly the same as the MDR-V7). You can get a pair from a Hong Kong or other Chinese seller (the suppliers for Sony) for about $5-6, and that includes shipping to USA. It usally takes about a week to arrive on the west coast a few days more for east coast.


Also if you have other Sony headphones that need replacement ear cushions cheak ebay, first.


I hope this help'd...

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