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For Sale: Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1

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For Sale:
Maverick Audio TubeMagic D1

Will Ship To: Anywhere




I'm selling my Maverick Audio Tube Magic D1. I have had this for a little over a year. It's in great shape, no damage. I have the original packaging/contents, except the usb chord. I'd like 150 for it, not including shipping.




If you want photos, let me know.

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For Sale or Trade: $1 (USD)
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150 with 2 day shipping?

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u essentially just asked me to cut around 50 bucks off the price, so no

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I would like to buy this off you. I just bought the denon ah-d7000. Do you think this is adequate though? I will mainly be listening from my computer.


PS: I would have sent you a message. But apparently I sent my 2 messages for the day today -__-

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I've got the D1 and the Lyr, from time to time i'll listen to the d1 amp portion. It has plenty of power but its just not as dynamic as the Lyr, but were talking huge amp diff here but going from the lyr to the d1 phone amp isnt dissapointing just different. But really for all you get with the D1 it's an awesome buy! sorry csxcsx, didnt mean to barge your for sale thread, but its a free bump and reinforcement for buyers :) 

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Mmayer, I am very new to this audiophile community. I actually just bought my first pair of hi end cans, denon 7000. Before that all I had was the shure 530, and there was nothing about that needing a dac or amping...


Im confused. I hear that since ill be listening to most of my stuff from the computer to spend all my money on a dac. Do I really need a amplifier for my d7000's?

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if your dealing with a digital stream from your computer/xbox/dvd/cd player nothing makes things easier and better than a DAC to your amp or phones. The D1 is all these at the turn of a knob plus a powerful headphone amp and tube out buffer to an external amp!

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