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Blue shell Koss KSC75

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After about 2.5 months waiting for some KSC75 to be serviced under warranty from the Koss Portuguese distributor I was finally contacted (after bugging Koss) and am somewhat puzzled. They (the distributor) finally managed to get substitution drivers but, quoting, "with the shell in blue". I've never seen the KSC75 with blue shells, just the PortaPro, can it be that they're putting PortaPro drivers to fix the situation? Or are there KSC75 blue shelled drivers that I don't know of? Are the PortaPro drivers the same as the KSC75?


Thank you.

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Or the Clipper.

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Portapro drivers are KSC35 drivers and they are typically blue or black, although in Europe they can be purchased in many different colors. I have never seen a pair of blue KSC-75 drivers, but it's of course very possible that they exist. 

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portapro uses non titanium coated 60 ohm drivers. while the ksc75 are titanium coated. generally the non coated ones are warmer and bassier. while the titanium drivers are more balanced with more treble.

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Contacted them for further info.


It seems that they could not get the KSC75 drivers (in nearly two month, I find that odd) and those are indeed PortaPro drivers.


I was under the impression that the PortaPro sound signature was diferent, not just because of the headband setting them nearer to de ear but physically also, because of the titanium coating or something else. A quick search on the forums led to no conclusion (seen both opinions: that they are different, and that they are the same but much more, and more knowlegeable I would say, of the first).


Also, I'm afraid the PortaPro shells will seat the drivers further away from the ears changing the signature even more.


****, my Koss costumer service experience has been just painful.


EDIT: That's a D word there, not the F word :)

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Please take some photos and let us know how it sounds once you receive it.
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