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Any recommendations on a microphone? Is this something that can easily be attached to a headphone or is that wishful thinking?



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Most people go with a clip on and attach it to the cord leading up to the headphone.  There's also a good amount of people that use boom mics as well though (including me)  The labtec lva-7330 used to be THE choice, but it's a very old product, and hard to come by these days.  You can probably find one on ebay though.  It's very easy to attach to the AD700, you just saw off the headband part of it, then velcro it on to the side of the AD700.  I even put some superglue on the balljoint of it (which is the looser of its two joints) so it would be more rigid when adjusting, then I curled its cord around the cord of the AD700 and used electrical tape at end, middle and top of the cord to hold it in place as one giant cord.  Rather simple.  Others use just a regular stand alone boom mic and actually drill holes into their AD700 and pull wires through from inside for an even cleaner look, or make their own custom armatures for the standalone boom mic to fit in.  You're bound to find some topics on different mic mods for the AD700 if you keep looking.



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hi they're turtle beach p11 are good.... i have a pair my self and they work wonders..  they cost between £30 and £50 depending on where you buy them from.

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Hey guys, Im just wondering about the whole 5.1 dolby set up thing? does this actually have a better soundstage than pro headphones? they have more drivers right? and as such should be able to do some things better. I have a pair of AKG K550's which have a sweet sound-stage and was wodnering how they would compare to say the best of Triton etc.

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Double thread necro!


Long story short, multiple-driver headsets suck. Avoid them. You'd get a better result out of stereo headphones with a decent soundstage and Dolby Headphone or some other sort of virtual surround mixing.

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Hello, im sorry to ressurect the topic, but im interest on buying a headset/headphone...


I was going to buy an astro a40 at the start, but many people say it is a lot expensive and its not worth.


Ive read on some topics here that the dt 770 pro + astro mixamp would be good, but the mixamp where i live is expensive and the dt 770pro is like 800$ where i live(believe me) =/

My question really is, i can buy a zalman mic for my dt 770pro, but i wouldnt buy the mixamp now, the sound will be good with the dt770pro or it really need an amplifier?( i know i need the mixamp from astro or another one to use on xbox/ps3 right?)

Im about to buy the 720+ from tritton, but many people say it breaks easily... And the dt770pro can be a lot better.
And another question appear, if i dont have an amplifier, the 720+ will sound better?

I would love new suggestions. Maybe the ath-ad700 is better without amp?


Btw, im from Brazil, im sorry about my poor english.


Have a nice day, 


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anyone? =] pls

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