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Fiio E6! Successor of E5?

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The Fiio E6 was bundled with the Westone UM2, UM2RC, Westone 2 and 3 in Japan and bears the Westone logo. The E6 looks block-ish, similar to E5. Has frequency range of 10Hz t0 100kHz and recommended headphone impedance of 16-300 ohm. Uses internal battery and charges through USB. Will we see this outside of Japan?

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Yes, we will release FiiO E6 soon.  We provide our E6 with Westone logo and it is a promoting by Westone.


BTW, it is our pride that work together with Westone, One of the best in ear brand in the world. 

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I just asked the Westone Dealer in Europe, Variphone if they also going to add this product. Does the E6 even come to Europe?


EDIT: Variphone, one of the offiicial dealers in the EU, does deliver the Westone E6 Amp but only with some IEM models with the exception of the ES series and the W4. Because I already bought the W4 when it first came out, I asked if they deliverd it without any IEM's. But unfortunatly they don't :( 

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You can have a look at where to buy in our website to find a local dealer, now all dealer should start to sell our E6.

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I got my E6 from MP4nation, it is a great little amp!

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