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For Sale: WTB: Wood cups for Grado SR60i

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For Sale:
WTB: Wood cups for Grado SR60i

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Looking for a used, retired or unused pair of woodies for Grado SR60i. Low profile, deep, slip on or otherwise, I'll entertain any offer.


If you have some and a picture or two, drop me a PM.


Shipping would be to 55072 if you could include the price shipped that would be great.


I'm aware what I can get them custom made for in terms of cost, so if they will cost more than that I'm not interested.



I don't have feedback here (long time lurker, short time poster) but I have 550+ eBay/Heat 100% positive feedback under forty6_two and 5,000+ PayPal transactions.


I can pay PayPal, Dwolla, Google, Bitcoins or through Amazon, however you like.

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Got what I needed, thanks.

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