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Comply Wants Reviews...Again

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Hey Head-Fi,


This is a preemptive Help Wanted ad to help us gauge interest.

We are launching something somewhere for the first time.

Exciting, right?


It will involve you buying our tips. WAIT -- stay with me. You'll need to buy our tips, but we will reimburse you (and possibly give you earphones) for participating, and then you need to write a review for us. 


Consider this a HEADS UP!


If you're a regular 'round these parts then you should know the product already. New product announcements are kept for the likes of CES or other events like CanJam (sign up now!).


This won't be a 'free tips for everyone' sort of thing.  If you're interested, leave a comment with a reason you should be selected and the country you live in.


cheers ksc75smile.gif

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Well i dont know if my english are bad, but i didnt catch everything. I dont mind buying some comply tips to enter an exciting event.

I live in Cyprus and i am interest for the innovation event unless its going to cost me an arm and a leg :D

After all i just got my vsonic gr07 and i am in the experimental era!

I dont know why i should be selected, maybe because i am a nice guy? very_evil_smiley.gif

ah! i had an A in the experimental chemistry back in the school days!

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I am in Australia.


I would love to review Comply as I am extremely picky with my tips...VERY picky!


I have used about 6 different foamies (plus a DIY attempt, which didn't work well) and 15+ silicon tips. I know what type of tips I like and I would love to put Comply tips through my Tip Preference Test.

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I would love to try out some comply tips.  I just bought a new set of Atrio M5 MG7 IEMs and would like to see how they sound on them.  I've also never ventured out to buy tips for my in ears and have always used the standard tips.  I think it would be great to try out something new and see what all the hype is about (and maybe make me into a believer of buying tips) haha.


Thanks for your consideration!


P.S. I'm from the United States.


Edit: I also just bought a new set of Nuforce Ne-700x to replace my broken Ne-7m. Would love to try the tips on these too!

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Thanks for showing interest.

If only 3 people step up, then 100% of people who show interest get to participate.


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I wouldnt mind trying out. I've always wanted a proper, comfy fit with my earphones. I've been trying all the different types of tips and modifications, but nothing every really seems to work completely. There's always a little discomfort or itch here and there or the sound changes dramatically for the worse. Maybe these would solve the problem!tongue.gif


I'm from singapore BTW

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I live in the US and is interested. I use Monster foam Supertips for my IE8, maybe there's a better option. Not sure if it'll easily fit through the wide nozzle though.

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I've only used complys once, with the TF10, it was an old version and the complys were also a very old version, and I hated it. fit was bad, they degraded in like, 2 weeks, and then one got stuck in the nozzle...


do you think the new products would make me change my mind? if that is not the case. dont PM me. if that is the case, I'd like to participate.


ps: I'm looking for comfortable and good alternatives for my TF10 and ety MC5

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I'm interested.

Originally, I never bothered with foam tips and just stuck with silicones. Recently got the Ortofon e-Q5 (which is not on the product list, but the T200s work for them) and wanted to attenuate the treble somewhat and Comply's were recommended to me. So far, I really like the added isolation and comfort. Afterwards, I never bothered comparing the sound of foams and silicones since the added comfort is hard to give up, but would do so for a review if needed.

Basically, I'm somebody who has just discovered foam tips.

Living in Hong Kong atm.

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i want to do a review.


i live in the US.


you should choose me because i have etymotic research er-4s, which are also notoriously known as Ear-Rapers - i wouldn't be able to use them without comply tips and i'm a firm believer that the comply t-100 tips are much better than the shure olives for a variety of reasons, which i would get into if i were to do a review. there's a reason why i currently have 10 new pairs of t-100 tips in my drawer waiting for me to use them.


i also have the westone 4, which comes with comply tips by default. i use the large size - series on those, and i find them to be the best tips for the westone 4.

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I would want some comply tips if they have improved, cause seriously paying $15 for a piece of foam that lasts me only a week isn't worth it to me... And I baby all my IEMs cleaning after every usage even the nozzles and my shure olives lasted about 1 year, so step up your game or even free comply tips aren't enough for me.

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I would be happy to buy/try a Comply product.  I'm located in the US and I have been most recently a T-500 user on my TF10s and tried them on my IE8s, fire up the way back machine and I have use T-100s on Altec IM716s and T-200s on Ety ER6s.  I am currently using a "hybrid" tip, using Comply Foam under Sony Hybrid Silicone tips.  IMHO the Silicone is better on the high end but I still like the isolation of the foam so the best of both worlds.  I have also used/reviewed Monster Supertips and in theory they should work as well as the Comply/Sony Hybrid in terms of sound quality and isolation but they are just a little too dense (and expensive). 

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I would be interested in trying some.  I've never used anything from Comply before - although I do use foams all the time (Shure Olives).


Main reason for interest is that I will soon be trying an SM3 V2 and I also own a B2.  Very curious at what the Complys can do.


I'm in NZ - so Complys are not overly easy to get. 

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I'd like to try this out.  I've always had issues getting a good fit with IEMs.  I currently have a GR07.


Problem is, I live in Canada and the shipping costs are kind of ridiculous from Comply's website...

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hi. im from Portugal and i want try to do a review of comply tips. i have vsonic GR07 (my first IEM) with sony hybrid tips but want try some good foams tips too. dont know what the price for ship to Portugal but if not to expensive im in if you want xD

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