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10pcs Spider Pocket Speaker Giveaway! Facebook Campaign

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Dear Headfiers:

After we attended to Headroom & Friends in Buena Park, CA, a lot of people showed interests for our pocket speakers, we decided giveaway 10pcs pocket speakers to Headfiers, this time we don't specify conditions, everyone can sign up this event.

Here are things we need you to do in order to participate,

1. Like our facebook, here is the link, http://www.facebook.com/pages/Spidercable/164920046862412?ref=ts&v=wall.

2. Comment on the event link then we know you sign up

3. Write down here at this thread and show us where you would like to use this speaker.

Act soon, the last day to sign this up is August 14th.


For our speaker reviews here, check the link below


US residents only!


The Winner list (Facebook username)

1. Matt Solomon

2. Kevin Chapman

3. Peter Lam

4. Chris Pickett

5. Willy Suryadi - Didn't respond

6. Chris Lee - Didn't respond

7. Aaron Kuppin - Didn't respond

8. Alvin Lee - Didn't respond

9. Andrew Baethke

10. Steve McCoin


Redraw 4 Winners

1. Rafael Velez
2. Bg Roberts
3. Sidel Deforest
4. Oscar Stewart


How to Claim Your Price

Please search Spider facebook manager username "spdr intl" and send private message to us to claim your price, remember to include your name, phone number and delivery address. If any winner doesn't claim the price before August 21, we will redraw again for that. Thanks for participating this giveaway, we will have more new products coming out, remember to check sponsor forum here, more giveaways are coming.



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Well I'd definitely use it when I go outside to relax and walk the dogs and also when I hang out with my friends. Very neat speaker.

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I would pretty much this device to carry my tunes and the speaker while gardening outside, without having to turn on my garage/patio stereo and the like.  

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Please remember to go to our facebook link and sign up under event post, our winner list will be based on FB user name.

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id bring it to my indoor soccer matches and use it on the bench before games! among other thingssmily_headphones1.gif

another excellent giveaway!

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One of these would be great for on campus.  Headphoning it becomes a very lonely practice.

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i'm 17 so i could sling this in my bag and go out, then listen to it when hanging with friends, would be great as my old little portable speakers broke. Also i have no spider products, so i could review this portable baby. Great one spider.

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This would be perfect for when I'm out playing disc golf, volleyball, or whatever.

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I would love to use this when i am in the shower, my shower has great acoustics that will enhance the speakers SQ! I will also use it when i am eating and as long as i am alive!

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These would be great for me at med school where I can use 'em to listen to my lectures and music in my room instead of having to use headphones all the time.



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TMI... the bathroom.

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I'd use it to pump up the team between innings in the baseball dugout

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I would use it as a speaker, for it's general use. :P

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I would take them as my laptops or mobile phone speaker companion, so that I can share the love (read: music) with my friends and family...

and also when I'm feel tired of using headphone/IEM, I will definitely use this speaker to enjoy my music, anywhere, anytime..

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I would love to use this speaker while chillin on the beach tossin a football around

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