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I bought some modified Shure E5c with the 535 plug.  Thought this would be great but I'm having the same issue and I don't use these for the gym.   For me however, it only happens when i move the wire.  So as long as its secured and im listening to the music its not happening, but if i turn or tap the wire with my hand it crackles.   Lucky for me I only spent $200 bux and they were new.    I would be royally pissed if I paid 500 bucks.   Shure really poorly engineered this plug. 

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Someone on Amazon has suggested to spray the connector and tip with a Silicone Based lubricant and it resolved the issue.  Anyone dare to try?

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OK I took the plunge and bought some WD-40 silicone lubricant spray. Sprayed some on a q-tip , and rubbed it into the socket.  All the crackle is gone. Yeah buddy!  Now I can enjoy the headphones again.

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Glad that solved your problems.

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I've found a quick and dirty fix for sound cutting out.


Swap the ear buds round - plug the left earbud into the right cable - and visa versa.


Instantly fixed it for me - still good a few weeks later. It might even work again when you swap it back round later. Definitely bought me more time though.

If the cable is more than 4 or 5 months old that might also be worn out. Worth trying a new one (I like the one with the volume & stop/start/skip control on).


Also avoid moisture, rain, sweat - all gets in that connector.

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My se535 has sudden hiss sound when the cord moves around my ear but when I'm stationary the sound is gone? Would this problems be caused by the connector or the cord?
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I have been looking into this very fault with my 535s, I ordered a new lead as it had wire strands poking out near the connector (and I wanted an iPhone lead anyway) but then the left ear started working intermittently. I phoned Shure UK and spoke to a very friendly lady but bottom line for me is I needed to buy an exchange bud as I was over the two year warranty... This is on the back of having two sets of the 530s fail due to the cable, one was replaced under the two year warranty but my second set failed just after the warranty expired. I ended up buying the just released 535s as fed up with crap cable design of the 530s. Not at all happy with the build quality due to these issues.

Now I have the option to buy a new bud OR a new set of 535s as who knows when the right side will fail which, to buy both at different times would be more expensive than a new full set inc cable! OR go for the SE 846.....But if the reliability is anything to go by how can I trust the 846s will be ANY better (not sound wise).

Do I jump ship and go for a different manufacturer of high end IEM because this has left me with a very bad taste in my mouth.


Anyway I took the cover off the bud and found a foil is used to connect the driver units to the input plug. This foil has a double internal track which has fractured causing the continuity loss. If I gently move the foil, the driver starts to work, but as the foil is so flimsy, it is not possible to solder a strand of wire to make a good connection, I would have to strip it back to the driver resistor pack which is too difficult for my massive hands and very limited for space.



What to do??.

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I was having this same issue with a pair of SE215's. I just wanted to comment that the "WD-40" cleaning did the trick for me quite well. Was sitting here pissed that the right ear would not work if I moved my head lol so I looked online, found this thread, tried it and it worked perfectly. I am sure it's not permanent but it will work good enough till I have time to ship them back to Shure. Thanks!

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