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Originally Posted by sniper slugz View Post

The last few posts about the M5's having better bass than the IE8's for 200$ less is suprising, is this true or is it more equal? (assuming bass knob has been maxxed out on the IE8's) because if they were at least equal I'd still be fine to choose the IE8's because of their superior mids and highs etc.


And can anyone let me know about whether the isolation in the IE8's is truly as bad as I've read in some reviews? I'd like it to be at least usable when I'm playing the drums.


The thing that might help you understand why there is such a massive price disparity between two IEM's that are both reviewed quite well, is that the Atrio design is a much newer design with newer drivers when compared to the IE8, and that is one of the reasons why you are seeing similar quality for less money. Sennheiser is a very established brand, so they can essentially rest on their laurels in terms of an old design and charge a premium, but Atrio is also pretty established among professional musicians and not so much the consumer market. 


I can tell you that having heard the MG7 Atrios that they do really have an amazing sub bass response, comparable on bass alone to the Radius DDM's (and better in almost every other way), which is another relatively new design, again for much less price than the IE8's. Certainly I'm sure the IE8's are not bad, but keep in mind that they are a flagship model and have been available for a long time by IEM standards. 


On another note, the Atrios would almost certainly have better isolation since they have much thinner nozzles and support the use of biflange tips, hence they can go deeper in your ears. Again, Atrio is a professional musicians company, I would trust them to make good IEM's for drummers.


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I second the FX700, they are simply fantastic.

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Agreed, though strictly speaking best bang for the buck, I'd have to side with the Atrio's > FX700 every time. They're both very competent top tiers, and at less than half the cost, the Atrio's are a steal IMO.

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Eh, I don't see spending that much for such a great IEM that bad... But that is all IMO lol rolleyes.gif

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Where would be the best place to source the Atrio's from in Australia?

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Cheers for links. Seem to be about the same as ordering them from the US after factoring in postage, so may as well buy locally. The only other way might be to grab a set from the classifieds here, but even then it's not significantly cheaper and won't have a warranty... I think Headphonic might be the way to go

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No probs. Headphonic doesn't seem to have them in stock though, and Jaben is a pretty well known network that opened up a store recently in Melbourne. A warning though, somtimes these go on sale in the US (they were 100 dollars last week, but you'd need forwarded shipping so probably around 130 all up.)

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Originally Posted by sniper slugz View Post

Hey everyone,


First off I'm a long time lurker here at these forums and I can't appreciate enough how much help they've given me.

I purchased some monster turbines from ebay 2-3 years ago (still not sure if they're genuine or not :\) and am ready to upgrade.


I mainly listen to the aforementioned styles + electronic, so strong BASS quantity is very important but I don't want to lose out on quality either.


So with a rough budget of, lets say 300-400$ maximum, What IEM would you guys reccomend?

I dont want custom-fit IEM's by the way, just universals, and small is a bonus too as I don't want to be attracting heaps of attention lol


To get things rolling the few I have it narrowed it down to from what I've read are


Atrio M5's

Monster Turbine Pro Gold

Monster Turbine Pro Copper

Monster Miles Davis Tribute

Earsonics SM3


But any others you think are relevant I will consider too


All help is appreciated, 

Thanks! :)

Munitio Tek9s!!  They have, by far and away, the most and best bass of any IEM on the market.  That's not to say that I've heard every IEM on the market--that's a ridiculous **** statement--but in comparison to the Miles Davis Tribute, the bass is significantly more present, impactful, and deep(er).  As in, stupid deep, and the power applies through the range from around 15hz-200hz...most certainly not one-note bass. My primary listening while I work is dubstep and DNB.  I'm selling mine, but only because I really can't wear IEMs.  :(


My review can be found here.


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Well I'll be waiting a while until I purchase anyway, i'm still investigating other IEM options at the moment. I'll keep an eye out for any good US deals in the meantime as well ;)

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(reviving a thread from the depths)


My Atrio mg7 have been phenominal, but they are breaking, so I'm in need of a replacement.  I'm similar to the OP, except that I'm more of a liquid DNB guy, in the US, and don't really have a budget restraint.


Any new recommendations with deep clean sub bass that would rival or best my deteriorating Atrios?

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