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MiuAudio MKUD1 USB DAC & Preamp

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·USB (USB 1.1, 2.0 compatible)

·3.5mm Stereo

·3.5mm Outputs (stereo).


·THD (20Hz ~ 20KHz) : < 0.03%

·Frequenc Response (20Hz ~ 20KHz) : < -1dB

·Line Out (for power amp) connection

USB DAC: No Need ofDedicated Device Driver

 With Full-Speed Transceivers

 Fully Compliant With USB 1.1 Specification

 Certified by USB-IF

 Partially Programmable Descriptors

 Adaptive Isochronous Transfer for



Sampling Rate: 32, 44.1, 48 kHz

 On-Chip Clock Generator With Single 12-MHz

Clock Source

 Single Power Supply:

 Self-Powered: 3.3 V,

 16-Bit Delta-Sigma Stereo DAC controller

 THD+N: 0.006% R L > 10 k Ω ,

 SNR = 98 dB

 Dynamic Range: 98 dB

 Oversampling Digital Filter

 Pass-Band Ripple = ± 0.04 dB

 Stop-Band Attenuation = – 50 dB

 Analog LPF Included

·USB DAC: USB 1.1 compatible. USB native bitrate: 32-48kHz, 16-bit

·Maximum sampling rate: 48kHz

·Resolution: 16-bit

·S/N Ratio: 98dB

·Power Adapter - 12V, 18W, 100-240VACworldwide voltages

·Dimension: W67XH27XD118mm





Retail Price:US$110

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I like the price! This looks like it would be a good entry level dac for people getting started in head-fi.
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Very cost-effective, electronic volume control circuit used to WM8816, each level 0.5dB.


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Very nice looking, what's the price range your looking at?

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I assume this is a different product from what is on the website, is the "iHD" a tube amplifier & DAC?





Apart from Hi-End desktop audio system, Miu-Audio is capable of making ultra high quality headphone and headphone amplifier. Clients buying headphone products has specially high request on tonal accuracy and vocal reproduction. In addition, the product should be highly versatile such that the product can be used anywhere easily. According to such needs, Miu-Audio has produced a series of headphone product for the market.


arrow.gif iH
arrow.gif iH-D
arrow.gif MR2 PRO
arrow.gif DIY Kit
arrow.gif Cable Set
iH-D headphone amplifier with USB/DAC



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