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Complete noob looking for in-ear headphones in the $100-150 range

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I found this site after a bit of research on the topic, and from what I can tell, people here know exactly what they're talking about.


I personally have no idea what I'm talking about on the subject. To be honest, until I looked into it, I was planning on buying Bose in-ear headphones.


If anyone could give me some reccommendations on in-ear headphones used for casual listening/exercise like biking and running in the $100-150 range, I would be eternally grateful. I use FLAC rips converted to apple lossless format to preserve quality on that end, no mp3s.


Any suggestions are appreciated! Thanks

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If need tight inear seal with more clarity(better details in mids n highs) n good bass response then i will highely recommend to try Etymotic HF5. The other IEMs like Sony EX600, GR07, EX510 and UE SF5Pro are also recommended.

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Monster Turbine in-ear speakers.

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If you could post the genre(s) of music you listen to, it'll make it easier to suggest some earphone recommendations.

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just wondering how much sound isolation do you need? just saying because sometimes people confuse IEMs and earbuds


i think you can get the DBA-02 in that range

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Get the shure 215 or 315 ... 100 bucks and 200 bucks, 1 driver vs 3 drivers ...  2 years warranty ... quality per price is the best out of all the phones out there, best bang for the buck ... removable cables ... and if anything goes wrong with the phones replaceable at the spot, but make shure you buy it from an authorized dealer that handles warranty for the city. 


Shure, shurely the best .... lol I should be doing add campaigns for them ........

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Thank you for all your helpful replies! They will definetly be influencing my decision. I knew asking this question here was a good idea. I looked into Shure specifically after i found this site and they seemed to have very good reviews and look to be well rounded in terms of high and low range sound quality.  I listen to a lot of rock (especially Manson), so I'm not looking for extreme bass like Monster Turbine provides. I'm really just looking for an alternative to Bose in-ear's (which I think sound great, but I've never tried out any other brands in stores) since all you audiophiles talk so much trash about them. I mean if I can get significantly better earbuds for $50-100 more than the Bose in-ears cost, then why not?


Again, thanks alot guys. I'm going to an audio equipment retailer near where I live to check out what they have there and try out a few different pairs in the store when I get back from vacation this week. They are certified retailers of a lot of the major brands that are recommended in these forums, and I'm glad I'll be walking in there with some good reccomendations thanks to your replies.  If I hadn't come here first, I probably would have either gone with Bose or fallen for some crappy sales pitch from a clerk.

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You can get significantly better earphones than the Bose IEMs for LESS than what the Bose cost. Sorry, couldn't help myself. :-P

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