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For Sale:
Linearossa W1

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hey Now,


I need something almost as tiny but more powerful than the Linearossa W1. Sounds great with my RE0's, but not enough juice for my ER4S's. So up for sale it is. $50 bucks shipped to CONUS. Prefer PayPal. Here is an excerpt from Skylab's review of the diminutive W1 (post #2619 of Review: Portable amp roundup! 56 portable amps reviewed and compared - FINAL update 12-20-10 added RSA SR-71B)



The W1 is very small and light. It has a small plastic housing, and uses a single AAA battery. Mini-jack input on the back, headphone mini-jack output on the front, along with slide-wheel volume control, and a switch with picture of a light bulb which indicated the on position – cute, but I’d have preferred an actual LED.

Build Quality: B: Best I can say is functional. It looks cheap, and it’s plastic – very different from it’s big brother W3. However, don’t judge a book by its cover…. No hiss I could detect even at the highest volume levels. Only the very slightest of turn-on tick. And what do you expect for $90?

Treble: A-: generally very good performance here, in that it is basically transparent and grain free, with good (if not great) detail. Definitely smooth sounding, and very clean, which is especially important, and rare, at this price point. I was pretty impressed – it provided great detail with no fatigue. Nice.

Midrange: A: Mids were very nice. Vocals rendered cleanly and without coloration. Highly transparent. Perhaps just slightly lush. Definitely very musical. No really identifiable colorations – just surprising strong performance from the little guy. Vocals and guitars were very well served.

Bass: A-: Tuneful, punchy bass, with excellent definition and articulation. No real complaints here either. Not bloated or exaggerated – but pretty much spot on. Not the last word in either depth or definition – but not colored.

Neutrality: A: While perhaps just a little mellow, the W1 is not colored that I can tell. Impressively so, in fact. Different recordings sounded – guess what – different! That’s always good – there was zero homogenizing effect here.

Soundstaging: A-: Maybe the one less than fully impressive trait. Was good but not great. Depth was better than width.

Transparency: A: Here again, very good performance not just where size and cost are factored in but even in absolute terms – this is a nicely transparent amp.

Compared to the smaller and prettier iBasso T3, the W1 is a much better amp – more transparent, and offering a higher level of overall performance. And it’s cheaper! I was actually really impressed. It doesn’t look like much – but it sounds great! Highly recommended.


I really like the size and portability, sounds very good, but just need a bit more juice when I am on the tractor for hours with the ambient noise isolation I get with the ER4Ss. I guess I could just go back to the ER4P's, nah. I can ship overseas with a $5.00 allowance for international shipping. Thanks for looking and let me know.



Finest kind,