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For Sale: Grado RS-1i

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This Classified is Closed

For Sale:
Grado RS-1i

Will Ship To: Anywhere

For sale is a CIB over one year old Grado RS1-is.  I'm the original owner but I don't use them that much to make it worth keeping them. 


Condition is 8/10.  The grills paint is slightly flaking off a bit and the left cup has some minor imperfections (it's really hard to see it in the photo but it's there.  Once again it's minor). 


What comes with this package:


*Its original box

*The Long Extension cable that it came with.

*1/4 to 1/8 cable to use your Grado with any 1/8 sockets.

*Original buying receipts. 

*Freebie CDs


Total:  $525 shipped in the US with Priority Mail, Delivery Confirmation, and Insurance.

$550 to anywhere in the world with Priority Airmail with Insurance.  


I'm firm with the price since this is a CIB package.  I take Money Orders for payment and Paypal (if you can please include 3.5% extra for fees!).


More pictures can be requested but here is the Can itself.  Thanks!


Edit:  I done trades here on Head-Fi before the forums got a revap.  My ebay handle is Thunderforcexiv for good feedback.  :) 



Picture 001.jpg



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PM sent.

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Sale is pending at this time.  I have two guys who want to buy it but one of them PM me first.  Got to let the first guy have his chance before the second person can have at it.  Also I'm getting few more PMs with interest in them so that's a sign. 



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$$$ sent :D

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