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Just got back from a visit with Frank Diaz at EarHead Audio, and just wanted to say that I was thoroughly impressed.  I called Frank on Thursday evening about stopping by on Friday, and he set up a 2-hour appointment with me for the next day.


For those of your who don't know, Frank operates out of his house, rather than a proper store-front, and I think this lets him have a lot more flexibility with how he handles his business.  We went down to his listening room, and I was able to spend an hour and a half listening to the full line of Grado SR headphones back to back.  He was very helpful, and answered questions when I had them, but it was nice to have him just hanging out and letting me listen without trying to push this or that and sell me on anything I didn't need.  It was the nicest low-pressure atmosphere I've experienced in a while.  


After I settled on a set of phones I liked, we chatted music a little, and he pulled out some Zeppelin on vinyl to play through a tube amp and some nice speakers, just because.  He knew I wasn't in the market for any of those things, but also knew I would just enjoy listening to the music as much as he would.


Anyway, to make a long story short, I got to listen to 5 or 6 sets of headphones, I found the ones I liked best, Frank have me a good deal on them, and treated me great the whole time.  For him to have spent that much time with me for a purchase of less than $200 was nice, and I can definitely say that next time I am in the market for some nice audio gear I will definitely give him a call, and anyone who is in the northern Virginia area should as well.