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For Sale: Luxman P-1 (100v)

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For Sale:
Luxman P-1 (100v)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am putting up my Luxman P-1 for sale (100v Japan model). It is the finest solid state amp I have every encountered and has superbly driven every single pair of headphones I have tried with it. Stunning looks and sound with impeccable build quality.


I am the first owner of this particular unit. The amp operates perfectly and looks great but is not quite cosmetically flawless.  The one close up photo shows the most significant mark which amounts to about a 2mm paper cut right above the middle headphones jack that really only can be seen in the right light. There seem to be a few other little tiny specks but you really have to hunt for them, looking at a very close range. From a foot away, it can easily appear flawless.


I am looking for $1200 USD and will split shipping and fees with the buyer. I will ship worldwide from Japan using EMS which includes tracking and full insurance. Packages usually arrive within a week.


Please send a PM with any questions but I would prefer serious inquiries from those with the funds ready for a smooth transaction via Paypal.





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