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Connecting Headphone Amp to receiver

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 Hi folks. I'm new to this forum. I recently took the plunge and purchased Grado PS-1000 headphones, Beyer Dynamic A1 Amp. My receiver is a Yamaha RX- A3000. What is the best way to connect the Amp to my receiver?


  Thanks for your help.



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If you're using the receiver as a source (DAC) than look for the line-out/analog-out RCA outputs. If you want to let the signal just pass through the receiver you have to look for the 'loop-out' connection.


Why did you choose the A1 though, While i havn't heard either phones or amp, I assume won't be a good match as it was designed for the 600ohm Beyer T1's in mind. I'm sure there are plenty better alternatives at a lower cost.


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I chose both pieces of equipment based on reviews online. In fact, one review was of the Grado PS-1000 hooked up to the Beyer Dynamic A1. I don't see a loop out connection on the back of the RX-a3000 but there are several audio out conections. Here's a link where you'll find a diagram of the back of my receiver ... 





To note .. my goal here is to have no sound coming from my speakers when I plug in my headphones. Also, I'm using an Oppo 93 Blu-Ray player as my source. This player is connected to the receiver using HDMI 1. Would it be better for me to connect the Amp directly to the Oppo?


   Thanks for your help!

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I would use the preout for the headamp, but you could try the analog output for comparison. Hook up the Oppo via HDMI for simplicity but you have a few options for audio only: 7.1 analog with 4 RCA pairs, or coaxial/optical for digital audio, which would be the same as the HDMI. If you went with an analog only option, you could use a component video cable for video.

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Wait wait wait wait





You bought a PS1000

then a Beyer amp

and you want to run it into you receiver





Return the Beyer amp

Go get a RA-1

Run a RCA out from a Video out from you amp

To RA-1

Connect RA-1 to headphones



EDIT: also what people haven't told you is that your receiver like all receivers are a Amp/DAC already. About the only thing you MIGHT need is a good DAC between you receiver and your source. I said get a RA-1 because it's the perfect amp made for a grado can. Grados don't need to be amped so they might need a SMALL amount of power to push better and a RA-1 pushed the right amount of power. This will give you the exact amount of power you PS1000 need.

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Any recommendation for a DAC between the Oppo and the receiver?

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The Oppo and the receiver both have DACs already, the Oppo's in particular is very good. Another great option would be to use the HDMI to go to the receiver for video and surround sound, and the analog stereo (front) right/left from the Oppo straight out to your headamp. That way you would be using the receiver for digital surround sound and the Oppo's DAC for your stereo headamp.

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I guess this is why I get confused. There are so many options. My head is spinning!!!!  confused_face_2.gif

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It's really fun to explore all of these options. I think that you did good, especially if you are planning to watch blu-ray movies on a nice display with a 7.1 speaker setup. But just for music with headphones you don't even need the receiver the way I posted most recently, just go from the Oppo to the headamp as I described. You could always add the video/surround stuff later to the receiver.

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So should I need a DAC or not. There seems to be some disagreement. If the Oppo and the Yamaha RX-a3000 already have built-in DACs, would buying a stand-alone DAC be redundant? Would I have better sound connecting the HP Amp to the Blu-Ray player or to the receiver?

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 I have a neighbor who likes to call the police on me anytime he hears the bass of my system so I'll be using the headphones for music (CDs and SACDs) and also for movies all being played of the Oppo 93.

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You definitely don't need a DAC. Are you going to watch movies on a display with speakers as well, or just listen to music with headphones?

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Then you don't need the receiver at all, just take the stereo output of the Oppo and hook it up to your headamp. For video you can hook the Oppo directly up to your display. You only need the receiver for speakers.

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Cool! I'll try that first Grokit! I assume the sound will be cut off of my tower and surround speakers as soon as the headphones are plugged in?

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