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Yes this is something that is very useful. My CLAS dac has a wall wart with barrel connector and you need that cord where as the HP-P1 has the usb. The two have different sound signatures, the CLAS is more full and warm and the HP-P1 is more detailed with better instrument separation. Both good, i have portable units coming out of my ears though which is why both are up for sale. I have the ak120, and Hugo as well as HM801. The 801 is too beat up to sell and outdated due to storage and no apple file play, just wave and flac, the 120 feeds the new Hugo, so that leaves me with these two to try to pay off the Hugo-crazy expensive.



Here's my stack:




Here's my stack with its wall-warts:




Nuff' said.

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Originally Posted by jcruiz View Post



i've been using the hp-p1 for quite some time and i noticed a big drop in battery life for a full charge. i only get like 3-4 hours of bat life from a full charge. has anyone opened up the hp-p1 to see what kind of batteries do i need to have the existing one replaced? no more warranty since i got it from a trade. your help would be greatly appreciated


thank you!

Did anyone get to the bottom of the battery life issue?


Battery life on my HP-P1 has dropped off a cliff since I added the HP-V1 - barely getting 4 or 5 hours and the amp in the HP-P1 is being by-passed, so I thought battery life would go up.

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I haven't used my hp-p1 in over 1 month and still had a charge to listen for an hour. And now it's been almost 24 hours and will check again tonight.
Battery dies not drain like fiio E17, so i'm really happy that the p1 still lives.
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I've also noticed that the Status Indicator light on my HP-P1 lights up orange and not red when connected to iPod.


Orange indicates that it is being charged via usb while connected to iPod, which it's not - nothing's connected to the usb - unless it's drawing power from the HP-V1, but how would that work? It can't.

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Is the specification of the battery known? 


I haven't been able to prise the volume knob to remove the innards. Can the volume knob be safely removed?

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Nice review comparing the Hp-P1 to the WOO Audio WA7 DAC. The little beast holds its own.


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I've been in the market to replace the Hp-P1 for a while now. I thought I might share some of my findings for anyone in the same boat. The goal is to increase perceived sound quality while decreasing the foot print. I travel a lot and my portable is home, office, airplane, hotel, vacation, car, everything.


A year ago I tried the Fiio X5. Sound was good, but lacked power and crashed a lot.


Last week I auditioned the AK120ii, 240 & 240SS. I tried everything the rep had set up at Axpona. HD800, Audeze XC, Beyer 5P (all balanced), and my own Shure 846. The AK120ii sounded on par with my iPad. I even played the same tracks on both to get a better apples to apples comparison. The 240 had better sound stage and had plenty of power for the 846, but it really seems to struggle to drive the XC. Furthermore all the Astell & Kerns sounded a bit sterile and it did not match the warmth and power of the Hp-p1.


I'll give the new DAPs are really sleek and sexy but still seem to need a separate amp, which IMO takes away from being a DAP.


BTW I also auditioned with the full Oppo line along with the Audeze LCD-XC and X. The new Oppo HA-2 really lacked power which made listening to the DAC difficult. The Oppo PM-2 & 3 on the Hp-p1 sounded full and very forward. The PM-2 was the best sounding. Something on the line of the Hifiman i400. The Audeze all sounded very refined, not as forward, with better detail than the Oppo.


For now I'll stick with the Hp-p1 which is going on 3 years. The HD650 and LCD-XC are on my short list of must haves.

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Thanks for this info. I have been considering the ha2 and have been looking for a comparison. What headphones do you use with your hp p1? The 846's? I have er4s' but didn't like them with the hp p1 so for now it is just an iPod DAC for my stereo, and it really does great there. Also,
how do you manage the low battery life?

So many questions!
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I've used the following Dt 1450, Grado i80, and Dt 770, Shure 535ltd and 846 (own all). The Dt 1450 is probably the most popular but I'm not a fan (had to use EQ App).


Best thus far is all the Shure IEMs, Noble K10, HD 650, Hifiman i400, and PM-2 and LCD-XC & X.


The battery issue has not been a problem because I charge it every other night. I can usually get around 5+ hours. On flights over 10 hrs I keep it plugged in to outlet under the seat.

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Great info. Thanks. Do you mean the dt 1350's? Also how do you utilize an eq app with the DAC functioning?
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That's right DT 1350. I'm using the Onkyo player (no EQ). I find it's a better player and more sound stage than itunes.

If you find yourself in the market for new IEMs I have the 535ltd in box I've been meaning to sell.

Otherwise I think the 846 is the way to go.

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Thanks. Do you have any experience with the etymotic er4s? I can't get away from my iPod classic with my jds labs c5. Even with the ipod classic DAC, the isolation and fatigueless detail is super soothing on the NYC subway. Washes it all away. As much as I don't like to use bass boost, I do so on the subway, bus, loud vehicles, and planes. But this could be what my headphones are missing. At home, no bass boost ever. I'll check out some sure. But it will be a ways off. The great thing for me about the er4s when amped properly, don't need to be turned up. I can hear and feel everything because of the detail and isolation. I haven't been able to get to that with the hp p1 and er4s for some reason. Of the er4p for that matter.
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I don't have any experience with etymotic earphones. If you like the sound of these, you might look into the Sensaphonic sleeves. Isolation without impacting sound is key to my listening experience. The custom sleeves which are offered for the etymotics and might be the way to go.



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Thanks for all the help.
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