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Seems I'm last with the impressions again redface.gif


Once again John and Larry pulled off a great meet.  What we didn't have in the amount of people we made up for in quality.  There was a lot of quality gear and great people with amazing conversations everywhere.


For me, the LCD2 out of the Pinnacle stole the show.  I couldn't believe how great they sounded out of that amp, makes me wish I had that kind of money for them.


The O2mk1 vs sprizter's modded O2mk2 was really interesting.  I couldn't get over how similar they were.  You can still tell them apart but the similarity was fairly alarming.  spritzer really did an amazing job fixing up the Mk2 to sound like the Mk1.


It was great seeing everyone and talking to them.  Kerry gave me a lot of info on his future DIY projects and it's always a learning experience when you have such knowledgeable people like John, Larry, Kerry, Doug et al.  The community always teaches me new things and reminds me why I love this hobby and the meets in particular.


I want to thank Prashant for accompanying me on the ride, would have felt very long if there wasn't someone to keep me up with interesting conversations.


I can't wait for the next meet and hope to see more people there.  Maybe there'll even be an SR009 present then wink_face.gif

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Great meet, thanks to everyone for coming.


I liked quite a few things at this meet. Firstly, the DACs I heard blew me out of the water. I loved the PS Audio, and I doubt it's possible to do better for the price,  secondly, the Wyred4sound DAC with its 32-bit DAC was more than able to keep up with the 24-bit (with 8 DAC's!) Berkeley Alpha, confirming what everyone already knows about 32-bit DACs being the future of digital audio. I'm going to have a hard time resisting the urge to try the Bifrost after hearing the Wyred4sound. Fortunately, I'm patient, so I'll wait for the reviews to confirm it. If it's a bomb, good for me, if it's a success, also good for me, but my wallet is doomed.


The LCD2's sounded awesome out of the Pinnacle, which as I discovered, is a pretty freaking bright amp, but heck, that's perfect for the dark LCD2's. That was a killer sound from that rig, probably the best in the meet.


By the way I never liked the LCD2's when I first heard them, I loved them at this meet and was told that there was a revision and something changed. Hooray! All I can say is that they sound nearly perfect now and I'd definitely buy a pair if I had the cash. I would say they are kind of like a more detailed Senn 600, with a flatter response and a dark sound thanks to slightly rolled off highs and a pleasant bump in the bass. These 'phones are a prime example of how a headphone can sound good without outrageously bumped up highs.


I loved Larry's K1000's out of Vinnie's little Red Wine Audio battery-powered all-in-one device. It sounded fantastic even with low gain.


Oh man, the Stax O2 Mk1 versus spritzer-modded Mk2's. That was one hell of an awesome comparison. Honestly, I cracked up when I heard the difference, mostly, believe it or not, because they're almost identical. We're talking about two headphones that even Stax clearly designates as different headphones sound more similar than your average two pairs of Grado RS-1's. Yes, they did sound different...I like others, prefer the Mk1's (less treble, more bass, overall better sound), but honestly, they're basically the same. Oh, and I still think the Orpheus eats both of them for breakfast.


Echoing wavoman's comments briefly, the turnout was too low. There's just no way we can afford to have this happen next year. Assuming the turnout will be the same, it's either going to be in a smaller room (back to half the size like it was originally) or not at all. At any rate, this meet is back to "Interest Check" status next year, so keep your eyes peeled next year around this time and we will determine whether this meet will happen or not. Fact is, the NYC meet, which this is modeled after, which we all go to anyway, is much better, and if the north jersey meet is in a decline, there's no sense in continuing it.

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It's too bad if there is none next year, I had an awesome time at this one.

Everyone who goes should make an effort to spare some money towards the room cost - the organizers of this meet ended up spending entirely too much out of their own pockets to fund this meet. Totally understandable if you can't, but these guys put forth a substantial out of pocket payment to host these meets. The less people come, the more important it becomes. It will be sad if these meets die out because attendance is too low for it to be affordable.
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This was my 1st meet and my opinion will not carry much weight but a comment on the low turn out is that the meet was held in the middle of summer.  The majority of people here in the northern states are doing other things that the weather allows.  Vacations, the young are home from school, it is just plain uncomfortable to wear headphones and run amps when its hot... etc.  I find that audio/video, stereos, gaming, headphones, building or buying amps and listening to music etc is more of a cold weather type of thing.  You can notice that even by the activity in the forums which is not as active as it is in the winter. I also think that the NYC meet is more successful because it is in the early spring and by the number of people in the immediate NYC area (which I am not).  Maybe November would be better?

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It looks like you guys had a great time, and heard some nice headphones. I'm bummed I couldn't come and hang out, I'l be sure to make the next one. 

Originally Posted by Oberst Oswald View Post
Maybe November would be better?

November is the NYC meet. Its a great meet with lots of gear and good conversation. 

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Ah CRAP.  Been in the Philly area for two months now, and only NOW, DAYS after the meet happened, did I think to look into local meets.  Nuts!  There's definitely some gear there that I would have liked to try out.  Ah well.  :/

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I think for the next meet I go to, I will probably bring less equipment, it was quite a bit of work to pack all the stuff up.  I have been way to lazy to set it all back up again.

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But Wedge we all loved your gear!  Yo 'da man for lugging it all.  Really really appreciated.


We carried you though the room on a throne chair, and rewarded you with seven virgins and a mule, remember?  This is New Jersey, after all.


Seriously -- THANKS!!


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Originally Posted by revolink24 View Post

organizers of this meet ended up spending entirely too much out of their own pockets to fund this meet. 



Vinnie, of Red Wine Audio, paid the shortfall, just like he did in NYC with that insane lunch bill.




And his gear is top notch.



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Thank you, we'll see what happens next time.  I just bought my own truck so it won't be as bad next time.  Now, no money for new headphone gear, except I did just get the Rev.2 LCD-2s.

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Wedge, been meaning to ask you a question about your WA5, PM sent.


Vinnie, thanks for supporting the community and meets man!

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@wedge -- no pinnacle then : (

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Yeah for now.  I have to chill out for a bit.

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Vinnie is a class act, for sure.

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