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Buying Sennheiser HD448 at eBay

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Hello everyone!


I finally decided to get myself headphones for office use in an attempt to increase productivity...so after reading a few reviews over at headphone.com I first took a look at the Grado's SR 60i but I really disliked the looks and I'm looking for something that can block a bit of noise, my office has no real noise in the sense that there is something nearby making noise but I'd like to block any sounds from the outside too so I can focus on my work completely.


After ruling the Grados out the next thing on the list were the Sennheiser HD448s. They were a bit out of my price range but I thought they've been out a while maybe I can find some deals on eBay, and indeed I found something in my price range (which is $80ish including shipping) but while I was looking through the results I noticed that almost all of these are from China...and what particularly set me off was when I saw AUTHORIZED DEALER - BEWARE of FAKES from CHINA. 


You can see my dilemma, I was hoping that I can get a good pair of headphones for $80 bucks, the main problem would be my location, I'm in Bosnia so most US based sellers don't even want to ship there and even if they would want to, it would probably blow my budget.


Can anyone recommend a web store that would ship these for a total of $80ish bucks and if not can you recommend me some good headphones around $70-80 bucks shipped. 


What I would like from them:


Comfy - They should be comfortable as I spend up to 13 hours a day in the office and I would be wearing them a good part of that time.

Noise - As said, not a lot of noise here, but they should be able to block some noise from the outside 

Sound - Obviously best bang for buck is what (everyone) I want


That's about it, thanks in advance!

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I trip to google finds the HD448 for $50 from B&H


"Best Band for buck" can only be received when you already have a amp


Go for some Shure 440's because they have the best sound quality without a amp for your price.


Others comparatives:

DJ100 -  need amp a bit and also needs MDR-V6 pads for more comfort

MDR-V6 - needs amps or some power like the DJ100

Shure 240 - little brother and worse then the 440's by far

T50RP - needs a lot of power from a amp

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The one that you are referring to is Razor Dog Deal. It is listed as an authorized dealer on the Sennheiser website.  Sonic Sense is also listed.




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Thanks guys, found the Shure 440s locally at a store for $125. Way over my budget but at least I know I'm buying quality, and I don't have to wait for a month for the stuff to arrive. Also there is a 1 year warranty with them, that isn't too bad either. 



Thanks for the suggestions guys!

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