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I'm depressed and need some "Feel good" music

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Going through a tough time.


What kind of albums would you guys recommend?


besides The Beatles

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ive always liked 311's older albums

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hard for me to pick something cause i hate the beatles, its not the beatles fault tho that the recording quality isnt good enough.


lol stooge ur from omaha u should be a 311 fan too. Both from the same place

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blah, not a fan of 311 hehe

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just think how small those odds were i post the band 311 who are from omaha than some 1 from omaha posts after that. incredible odds

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You could try Sly & The Family Stone -- Greatest Hits



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I just noticed that the first track on the album I'm listening to now is called "Feel Good Music."


Dr John - Tribal



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Daft Punk is a great feel good group, really set the mood for my teen years. Social and energetic.


Also when I need to feel a little up I'll put on Miles Davis' Kind of Blue with my morning coffee.


Four tet There's love in you always makes me smile and I discover a new rhythm or phrase every single time I spin it; It's very giving

but his album Rounds really taught me a few things about



Kaskade is fun and great at making your head bob. Awesome to listen to while your running errands.

When I want to relax though, and I need to slow down, I turn to Shpongle to help guide me through my meditations.


Cathartic for me were Royksopp "What else is there?", Above & Beyond "Sun and Moon" "Good for me" and "On a good Day," Deadmau5 For Lack of a Better Name, and Random Album Title especially the tracks "Strobe" "Faxing Berlin" "Arguru" and his stand-alone single "HR 8398 Cephei"


Aphex Twin's song "Flim" was short and sweet, too.


MC Chris is Dead makes me laugh out loud every time I hear it, ESPECIALLY the skits!


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yea i was in highschool when discovery came out good stuff daft punk rules

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Not an album but this song is pretty nice...it makes me feel good. 


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Get a girlfriend....


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The Traveling Wilburys - Vol. 1


 teaveling wilburus.jpg


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The Sigur Rós album with the ridiculously long title.

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