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Favourite meme?

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I find this quite funny.




and other reddit stuff. 



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But he's not a meme tongue.gif



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Mahir most certainly was.

Also see, "Mr. T Ate My Balls."
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Spider man.




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I like the picture of the 2 guys in retro shirts with the Jeklin Floats.


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Reddit's interesting.


There's this one image I found particularly interesting but I lost it. 

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Reddit memes seem to get parodied and played out within an hour or so.
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I like Milhouse

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Found a demotivational poster with Patrick82 via google image


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^ so that's patrick82? Ive seen that pict before but didnt knew that...n

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sorry brain fart, not patrick82.  for some reason I keep associating him with k1000 + insanity. I gotta stop posting sleep deprived





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