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Best IEM < $100

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Hi, im getting tired of dragging my DT770 Pro with me on the bus and considering buying some IEMs. I would not like to spend more than 100bucks as I am not convinced IEMs is my thing. (A more portable closed headphone at the same price can also


Source is a Sansa Clip+ w/ Fiio E5 amp. I listen to all kind of music, but mostly rock and hip hop.


So, what IEMs would fit my needs for about $100?


(A more portable closed headphone at the same price may also be an option)

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for about 100$ the RE0 or Hippo VB

also Shure215 is chaap and popular, Turbine monster is about same price


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I always have to recommend Meelec A151 or CC51 for best <$100 earphones.

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The A151 definitely would be a good choice for you imo. I should be receiving the CC51 to compare them to within a day or two as well.

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