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M-Audio DSM3

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Hey everyone,


Just got the M-audio DSM3 studio monitors. So far I am so pleased with the sound quality.. im not too experienced just yet with describing and critiquing but here are a few things that stand out to me: The sound is  incredibly rich at the sweet spot. The bass is overwhelms in a good way (warm, deep, but does not distort the other frequencies.) Vocals really pop, especially with great singers like Andrei Bocelli and Tarja. Instrument seperation is very impressive, I can hear a few additional layers that I previously could not with my headphones (M-50s).


I run them with XLR to an RCA converter in my Essence STX sound card.


Just wondering if there were any other owners out there and overall thoughts on the speakers.

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These have been discontinued, but the few that have them are all audio engineers :)


I just bought a pair, they are supposedly very good for value and underpriced (undercutting the competition of Adam AX7 and others at such pricepoint).

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