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For Sale: Beyerdynamic DT1350

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For Sale:
Beyerdynamic DT1350

Will Ship To: The U.S. of A.

 The dt1350's come with everything that was included to me when I bought it. The box, the headphone case, manuals, and the dt1350's themselves. They are in very good condition with the normal signs of use. These babies are a TANK though. Put them trough 3 months of use without any problems. The metal is bendable so you can adjust it to your head type and so comfort is not a problem. You guys also know how they sound wink_face.gif  Thanks for looking smily_headphones1.gif


The price for these babies are $250 shipped.

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Looking for any trades?

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sorry I am in need of money. I won't be in need of audiophile headphones for a pretty long time :( 

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PM sent

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