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Travel Case for Audez'e LCD-2

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So you just bought the LCD-2 with the wooden box for its general classiness an you don't feel spending another $75 for the travel case? smily_headphones1.gif

The travel case is a SKB 3I-0907-6B-E Small Mil-Std Waterproof Case 6" Deep.

It's available on bhphotovideo.com:this is the empty case. There's another version, the SKB 3I-0907-6B-C which is filled with cubed foam, you can then cut the cut the foam to fit the shape of the LCD-2, also available here.



Currently the empty case is $45 and the one filled with cubed foam is $55. Of course, if you want to avoid the trouble of cutting foam or have a case with the Audez'e logo on it, you can still buy the case on Audeze.com wink.gif
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Thank you!  I need one for my Stax.

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Be careful of the internal dimensions though.
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Nice find! If I had the LCD-2 I'd spend the extra $20 to have the correct case from Audez'e. Since I have the Senn HD650 I'd get the case with the foam and plan on doing some very careful Dremel work to it. 

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this is the case that is now sold with the lcd2 as an option - i have it, and it is a really awesome case..  extreme quality.  perfect fit for the LCD-2. 

i'd be willing to bet you could drop this thing with your headphones inside off the top of your house and they would be no worse for the wear. 

and its water proof...


ahh.. its an SKB.. no wonder.. they make excellent stuff

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I'm wondering if the 4" deep case would fit for the LCD-2.






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I doubt it, while the cups are not in a vertical position when the LCD-2 is lain down, their radius diameter is also just over 4", add the protrusions of the headband, and I'm quite sure the 4" deep case won't be big enough.
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Little mistake, I meant diameter, it doesn't change the conclusion though.
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It was my understanding. 



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this case should really come with handcuffs.. ;-)

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Bump from the depths...the only better case out there would be a PELICAN case...they are virtually bulletproof and used by the military.


(in looking at the specs of this...its seems to be of a similar quality and level to a pelican case)



Im going to get a couple pelican cases for my amp collection and another for a pair of Grados. 


SKB makes a very fine case as well and believe they lifetime warranty them too!

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I own this case and, yes, it is amazing. Built like a tank and they claim it's waterproof.

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Originally Posted by Deverica Wolf View Post

I own this case and, yes, it is amazing. Built like a tank and they claim it's waterproof.

which case?

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TTI have the have "Pelican" type case. Can anyone confirm if this lighter case will work with the LCD-2F? CASEBUDi Headphone Case - Extra Extra Large - XXL

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