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DakiOm's new speakers

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I thought Sound Science would enjoy these new DakiOm speakers.  Apparently, they're taking $60 Sony Sony SS-B3000 speakers, adding some sort of black box (I can't make any sense from the description) and then screwing a bunch of dowels inside the speaker.  Look:




Oh yeah, they now cost $1,500.


Even better, 

Therefore our approach is simple. We don’t insult your intelligence and waste your time by TECHNO BABBLING about quantum, skin-effects, exotic, silver, carbon,  time coherent, phase accurate, transmission lines, balanced inputs, pure power, fast electrons, tin foils, tube, vinyl, bi-wired, Maxwell equations, black body radiation, and other STUPID babbling that can only fool the GULLIBLE. You also don't pay for cosmetics, ineffective exotic materials, brand names, or expensive marketing.

     (Emphasis in original.)


These are, apparently, the best speakers ever produced and DakiOm invites head-to-head challenges with any speaker.


You'll find a goldmine of similar text and... interesting... products there.  Be sure to check the description of how to correctly perform a DBT and their novel approach to the scientific method.




Scammers and liars are up in arms because of our telling the verifiable truths. They spread lies, insults, bogus accusation about us. Well, stupid garbage talk is, stupid. So, we hereby challenge any scammer, liar to DBT showdowns in which they can expose our snake-oil OR we will expose theirs.


Sounds serious.


Anyway, I figured a few people here would appreciate this.  I haven't had this much fun since I discovered the Time Cube.

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Just going to quote the "Musicality" test for bonus LULZ:



Please make an effort to try the following test. This experiment will help in your understanding of "musicality".

1. Copy a favorite track from your favorite CD onto a first blank disc.

2. Play that track on a CD Player. Connect the CD player's analog audio output to the audio input on a PC soundcard. Use the soundcard to record the song. Note that this recording should be degraded from the original because the song was converted from digital to analog (CD Player) and reconverted from analog to digital (PC Soundcard).

3. Take the recording you just made and burn it onto a second blank disc. The two disks should look identical, but one disc has the original song and the second disc has a second generation recording.

3. Try to identify the discs by playing both of them on your audio system. 

4. If you cannot distinguish between the original and the second generation copy, then either you have a poor audio playback system or you don't have a good methodology for listening to music and evaluating its sound quality. Even with a top notch CD player and PC soundcard, the difference in sound quality should be clearly noticeable to an audio enthusiast or a "music lover".

If your audio system or listening method could use improvement, first try to upgrade your system using our DIY projects and our Feedback Stabilizers. Then try our comparative listening test. Remember that you need both a good listening method and good audio system.

If you can easily discern the difference in sound quality between the two discs then congratulations, you have an understanding of what is "musicality". DakiOm is for people like you!

Emphasis is all mine.

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Are the dowels cut from Yggdrasil or something?
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I must not lol, I must not lol... wait, I'm lolling biggrin.gif:D:D
Very simple, doing science is collecting true statements (also called facts, knowledge).
For example, the statement: "Solid state amplifiers sound better with DakiOm MA253’s than without" is scientifically true, it is a fact. It is very tough to twist the definition of amplifiers, system set-up, blind tests or sighted tests to make this untrue (only lies can make it false). The expression "sound better" is scientific because it has only 3 states worse, same, better. These states can be clearly chosen by the listener in a standardized comparative listening-test. Lies can be dealt with in the science of psychology (human behavior), this is a human problem such that when science is used by human, psychology, politics must be applied. However, lies can be eliminated if people speak out and punishment is an effective deterrent.

But the statement "The best silver speaker wires sound better than the best aluminum speaker wires" is unscientific because wires can be made to sound the same, worst or better just by manipulating the location of the wires, either on top of speakers or hanging up in the air. Even adding the restriction: "if both are hung up in the air", it is still unscientific because it is true only in some biased sighted tests but false (they sound the same) in all blind tests.

Emphasis mine

And by the way, without Maxwell's equations, we wouldn't have the faintest idea or how to make a diaphragm move with nothing else than coils and magnets.
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I don't even know how to describe these guys. "Pseudo-objectivist" just doesn't cut it.


It's like they bought a collection of dated science textbooks from a graduate on eBay and went wild with a highlighter.

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Funny this reminds me of some homemade speakers I made in 1984.




4   15 inch woofers


Two horn tweeters


Two bags of old clothes.


I covered the plywood with the help of a drywall installer. He came over and mounted the board to the speakers then came over the next night and added the mud.

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I don't even know where to begin...

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that is interesting. never saw that before. wonder tho to prevent renounce i find it best for the cabs to be little curved can help and fiberglass 4'' and thicker can absorb frequencies down to 20hz fine so i don't see how this method can be any better but i can't say since i never heard the pair myself. can be interested for that matter tho and great experimentation.
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Sounds like another Patrick...

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Bargain IMO

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The dakiom stablizers do work on some systems and it isn't a NIGHT and DAY improvement like they claim it is. I do use them for various applications and it smooths out some of the rough edges on digital and even analog, but you still need a well made preamp, amp, processor, speakers, cdp's or source etc. The use of sound processors to me is far more of a night and day in comparison. Their attacks on so many manufacturers is juvenile. I agree with them for getting angry at their critics but to ATTACK every manufacturer who makes high end or hi fi gear to me has gone from being objective to being a TROUBLEMAKER. In science or legitimate science, if you want to prove a theory or a concept, you do it by making your case based on proveable tests and when you prove it, you let others of differring opinion have pros and cons and not make a big fuss about it and keeping an open dialogue and allowing for other facts to come in and be scrutanized. With these guys, you can't have a debate without an automatic an attack on every designer and manufacturer. There are some of us who are neutral and don't get swayed from the far end on either side and just like to use things that work irregardless where they came from.Even hobbyists like myself who happen to like their stabilizers for some of my equipment, they are pushing away by attacking manufacturers I and others like. When these guys start saying there loudspeakers which they didn't design is the best because they modified it using cheap outdated parts from sony and saying other parts that have improved over the decades as being glitter and crap has gone beyond the NORMAL rational of objective audio but rather a SMEARING CAMPAIGN. They claim to be victims of critics but they are doing the same snake oil CRITICISMs attacks their critics do about their products. Those of us in the middle are left thinking, why sould we even waste our money and time dealing with these people. If you want to change an INDUSTRY to your way of thinking, the people of dakiom or the writers of dakiom has hit all backwards. You try to persuade by COMPLIMENTING and GIVING credits where CREDIT is due, NOT trash or put every manufacturer or product in the same category. I argued with them about subwoofers or amplified subwoofers and speakers. They too use mumbo jumbo in explaining why they're against it. Most of the subwoofer design today are made for  HOME THEATER not necessarily music, but these guys mock anything subwoofer as if it's snake oil as they claim. The same with cables. I agree there's a lot of overhyped, overpriced and snake oil type CABLE companies but they're not all in the same category. There are legitimate companies who do a lot of science and engineering in making the most effective and high quality product possible. To say that the last 30 yrs have little improvements in audio by ONE audio engineer and MOCKING every other engineer, designer and physicist is to me not only IGNORANT but that of an ARROGANT claim. It's total insantiy in my opinion. You cannot put everyone in the same boat. Audio like anything else is HIGH COMPETITION. There is no one solution to everyone's problems in regards to audio. I tried to defend them for their achievements and use their products for what's able to do, but to go around claiming the things they do and MOCKING the entire industry has gone beyond the pale. It's all politics now and is a good way of LOSING BUSINESS and SUPPORT rather then achieving what they set out to do. You cannot convince the majority of seasoned audiophiles or hobbyists and potential customers by INSULTING every manufacturer and designer or the bulk of them like what these guys do. I can pretty much predict that these dakiom people will lose more customers as they continue to condemn EVERYONE in the high end or hi fi world of hobbyists. They wonder why they get so much criticism and getting then worst then bose. At least bose has a great marketing group and is successful in selling their not so high end product. These guys by the way they criticize even the people that support them is going about their GOAL the wrong way. To modify a crappy cheap speaker instead of modifying an existing WELL MADE loudspeaker pretty much put a STAKE on their agenda. I realistically cannot see this crazy propoganda speaker system go anywhere. I can only see it as a bookshelf competition but against people buying FLOORSTANDERS? Are these guys on DRUGS or what?L3000.gif 


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gerbikaudio, could you do some paragraphing? I'm sure you're making some good points, but it's impossible to deal with a wall of text.
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That was magnificent!

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Yes! I will next time. Too many typo errors. I was in a hurry. I did take english 115 in college and should know better. I was writing like the dakiom people who do not paraphrase or use paragraphs and error checks. They just babble too much negativity. I tried telling them to tone down their negative attacks because I used to be a technician and an audio/video installer and customer respect is important but they tried to lecture me instead of being humble. They were unapologizing and said I should be criticizing their critics. I do criticize BOTH and tried to make a balance approach.


But from my experience with them, they have the mindset of their way or hit the highway metaphor. You cannot have a rationalize discussion with these folks if you speak anything that they disagree with it. If you compliment them, they are happy, but if you try to point out your position contrary to theirs, you get a lecture. This is the same with the emotiva people. I was kicked out of their forums for having an opinion of dakioms just for saying I use those products and it works on some of my equipment but not as revolutionizing as they claim.


The emotiva people are straight out critics and if you don't agree with them either, like a mafia, they will gang up on you. They have their own senior trolls. I have found in at least 3 audio forums of a gang of members attacking someone with a different perspective. Sad but true! It would be nice if these people can have a civil discussion without prejudging 

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