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For Sale: Meier Corda Pre-Head 1

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For Sale:
Meier Corda Pre-Head 1

Will Ship To: CONUS

I have for sale a Meier Corda Pre-Head 1.   This is a superb headphone amplifier with 3 levels of crossfeed and 2 gain settings.   The pre-amp outputs have quite a high gain and will easily drive any power amplifier to its maximum potential.  The Pre-Head has 3 switchable inputs, all of which can feed either the headphone output or the pre-amp output.  There are 2 headphone outputs, one for low and one for high impedance phones.


The amplifier is in mint condition, with no cosmetic or functional issues.  While I do not have the paper user manual, I do have it saved as a .pdf file which I will include with the amp.  


This is a great performer and a very versatile headphone/pre-amp and it is doubtful that one can find a better choice for the money.


My reason for selling is that I now have an integrated amplifier with selectable inputs and am no longer in need of a pre-amp. 


Price is $old including paypal and shipping to the CONUS. 


Thanks for reading this ad!



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More pix added.

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Pre-Head sold!


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