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When I was shopping at my local Tom Lee store the other day, I found this DAC for $250. Roland UA-55 QUAD-CAPTURE


According to the specifications, it offers 24 bit signal processing and 192 KHz sampling, ASIO, low latency streaming, segregated digital and analog circuit boards. Has anyone had any experience with Roland interfaces before? In terms of specifications, it appears to be better than a lot of the other popular DACs mentioned around here.


Take the Maverick D1 for example, I've read it doesn't provide that great of a USB connection (quality limited to 16 bits 44 Hz and circuit noise) and some members ended up using a TeraLink-X2 converter to get an optical signal to pass into the D1. The brochure claims that UA-55 their proprietary "VS Streaming" technology to achieve low jitter, low latency streaming through USB. Though I'm not sure if this is just marketing hype.


Does anyone have any experience with Roland's DACs?