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I started this headphone story with my Ah-d2000 which sounded good but they were bloated in the bass department so i modded them and now they are a lot better but there is a lack of attack and they could do with more depth for me to really enjoy them


Ive been looking at different amps and amp/dac combo's but I'm going round in circles.  I like the look of the M-stage matrix but am worried i wont be impressed because either it needs a dac to sound good or more worryingly, i may not have the ears to hear the difference.  I don't want to start buying things and finding i want to change them or that i don't gain any extra enjoyment from them, or that i have to start spending more money to enjoy them.


That got me thinking that i should get a amp/dac combo.  The Ibasso D12 looks like a good choice.  My thinking being that as the Denons are easy to drive, this amp/dac should do a pretty good job and if i want to upgrade i could add the Matrix and then if required a better dac. I shouldn't waste money this way as i can still use the d12 as a portable. I picked the d12 because it has optical input and the op-amp rolling looks like fun.


So my question is, does this sound like a sensible solution or am i missing a better intro to headphone amps and dacs.



I now have the Matrix mini-I on order
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