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Under $100 earphones

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Well so I have been looking around for some decent headphones for few days now and I would like to get some advice from people on what I should go for. I have around $100 to spend on good headphones and I mean headphones which look good and sound great as well. I mostly listen to alot of genres like pop, rock, trance and some hip hop oh and I watch alot of movies.


Here is my list of ideas which I got right now:



Sennheiser CX 870


Etymotic MC5


Brainwavz M2 


SoundMagic PL50


Monster Lil'Jamz


Pioneer SE-CLX60


Tell me what you think about the list and give me some more ideas if possible as I want those headphones to last me atleast 1 year which means I want something which will really blow me away. 

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Ok listen few seconds :

I had tried / owned the soundmagic , senn, etymotic, and monsters earphones also

Then, have a look at the Trident.
I bought them, they are WAY better than my CX, my PL, my EX500...

This is really a good product from Dunu...

Soundmagic, if you like warm sound go for it, personaly, it is boring

If you have the budget, try the Phonak PFE 012 for example, cheap and quality

But once again, have a look at the Trident, i can tell that for the money they are the BEST.
(great bass, great treble, detail sound stage, dynamic, surprising...)
Have a look at them wink.gif
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Cielbleufr, you don't happen to be selling DUNU earphones, do you?

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I think he's just really enthusiastic about people having a Look at the DUNU brand.

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Well I really heard good things about the DUNU's but here in uk you can't get them as I tried amazon and ebay and it seems like they don't exist. I have also been suprised with the prices which are here in uk compare to the prices given in jokers reviews. The headphones here are almost twice as much.


I like the headphones reviewed in jokers thread: Nuforce NE-700M which joker got for $65 from amazon and here in uk the headphones are £80 which is $130+ and I don't feel like paying twice as much as other people. Lets just say I don't like getting ripped off.


With that said I have decided to go for Sennheiser CX 870 which I got for a really good price of £43 I heard so many stuff from people here saying that the smaller brands when it comes to headphones are better but I just can't be bothered to look around for any longer. The reviews on amazon were great for those headphones and the design of the headphones really is something. I will review the headphones in few days I have made an order today and they should get here in about 3 days.

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Originally Posted by sepinho View Post

Cielbleufr, you don't happen to be selling DUNU earphones, do you?



only one I tried is the MC5, so ask me about it if you want. but I found it, quite detailed and clear, but lifeless and boring.

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