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Amp under 1200 $s for Sennheiser HD 800 ?

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I'm looking for a good amp with built-in DAC around 1200$s, full size or the small ones, any kind will do. I'm mainly gonna be using it with my HD 800. I'm not gonna be buying/upgrading it for at least 2-3 years. Please help/advice ? i'm thinking of getting the Lehmann audio Black Cube Linear USB.




BTW how is this amp - http://www.marantz.eu/en/products/283/pm7004/

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Try to look for a 3-channel/balanced B22. It would serve you for a long, long time. Tough to find a commercial amp that can reach its level.
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The Lehmann was one of the amps the HD800 was voiced with if memory serves, so a good choice in all probability.

As for the B22, if you do decide to get one grab a 2-channel as opposed to 3-channel or balanced version. The 3-channel one does nothing provably better and a whole stack of things worse.

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thanks for replying guys, i 've been considering the lehmann but i just want to make sure that i don't go around looking for other amps after buying that.

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what about the SPL phonitor ? is that better than the linear USB ? don't think it has a DAC built in

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there is also the violectric V200. there are so many options, i really don't know what to buy phew, i'm tired !!!!!! which is the best match for the HD 800 guys ? 

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hello ? experts ? help me out here please ? LOL

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I am interested in the Violectric myself and there are some comments in it's review thread that speak to great synergy with the Sennheiser. I'm looking at it to pair with T1 or LCD-2 myself.

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Deejay - be patient, people will answer you.  Also, you can use the search bar to find existing threads where people have already answered questions like these.  Yes the violectric is a good option, especially as an amp for the hd800, although the DAC option is much more of an afterthought.  Burson makes the HA-160D, which would have a better DAC and an arguably better amp section.  Meier makes (made) the the symphony, you'll only be able to find it used.  Red Wine Audio makes the Isabellina which sells around 1250 used if you can find it, and Luxman makes the DA-200, although that will run closer to $2000.

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hey thanks man, sorry for being so impatient. money is not an issue when u find something that makes ur gear so much more, listening to music can be simple, like it use2 b when i was a kid. i had my walkman and all those audio cassettes. That was funny, can't imagine that now. I've always loved music, i mean who doesn't right, but not every1 gets to enjoy it coz music can be an expensive n time consuming hobby. i don't have much experience with all these things but whatever i buy or get, i want it to be worth the money and time.

Totally irrelevant post BTW.

So, the violectric seems to be a good option, better than the other ones i mentioned..?

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Sometimes audiophilia makes music anything from simple.  People focus too much on the recording quality and not as much on the actual music.  The V200 is a better than the BCL, though not necessarily better than the Burson.  I like the Red Wine Audio Isabellina HPA better than the V200, for both the HD800 and the LCD-2, but again, the cost may be prohibitive for some as it is $2500 new.  I don't think you'd be dissapointed ordering the V200 or the Burson.

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I do like the Burson a lot, if I'm not getting a 4 channel beta22 soon, I will certainly keep it.

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I think i'll go for the V200 24 bit/96khz. Burson seems to be overrated but its built quality looks great though. No one here seems to be interested in the lehmann black cube linear USB ? Is that not a good amp ? Or are these better ?

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i need another advice guys, why not buy a big full size amp and use it for everything ? movies , music ?

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Oher amps have eclipsed the BCL at this point, although I have only heard it once or twice and it wasn't bad with the hd800.

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