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For Sale: Leben CS300XS (ship worldwide)

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For Sale:
Leben CS300XS (ship worldwide)

Will Ship To: Anywhere

I am putting up for sale my Leben CS300XS integrated amplifier. This is a very painful cut as I love this amp like one of my children, but it is a necessary move to ease the sizable financial hit from my new Stax. Somewhere down the road, when my wallet has finished licking its wounds, I will have to secure another one… or maybe try the CS600. For now, I need to let this go.


If you are not familiar with this brilliant amp, here are some helpful links: Leben site, 6Moons review, Tone Imports review, Head Fi reviews, High Fidelity, Jeff’s Place. The CS300XS is discontinued in Japan and no longer available through Price Japan. (Although I believe you may still get one at significantly more expensive rate in the US.)


Here are some key points about this particular unit:


-The amp is the 100V Japanese model.

-You can see some of the slight markings on the wood panels (pictured). They are visible but IMO very minor. The faceplate and all other parts seem flawless to the best of my ability. There is probably something that someone else could discover but it would have to be an extremely obsessive find.

-The knobs are the platinum version that usually goes with the CS300. I swapped them out when I first got the amp as I do not like the gold on gold appearance of the other knobs. I still have the gold ones and will include them but there are a few very tiny marks on one of the knobs.

-I have had this unit about one and a half years. I sent it to Leben at the end of the 1-year warranty for a checkup. It came back with replacement tubes and looking nice and clean. If they did anything else, I am not aware. The amp works flawlessly.

-There is a very low level hum with certain headphones. With my D7000s it is essentially inaudible but with the HD800s I could hear it with no music playing. While listening to music at a normal volume, I would not notice it and never personally found it to be an issue.

 -Tubes are the Sovtek EL84s & GE 5751s.


I would like to be able to get $2,250 US for the amp and am willing to split the shipping/fees. I would ship via EMS Japan, which would be tracked and insured for the full amount. Packages usually arrive within a week to most places. Let me know if you have any questions but I would prefer to only receive serious inquiries from those ready and able to make the purchase. I am definitely not interested in any trades.


Thanks for looking!



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PM sent!



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