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ughhhh. once again,  something is wrong with them.  they use to be fine while not the best and then i did the mod and got my asgard all the same day.  One of the two things is causing my headphone to mess up. I will say that it was my bad to jump the gun and blame the amplifier as i still haven't found the source for sure.  after i taking the dampening material out tonight i will know if that was the problem

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I never said i wanted a bass heavy headphone.  I bought the d2000's because of the amount of people who love the d7000 and because of the lawton mods and how supposedly the d2000 can turn into a headphone almost as good as the r10 supposedly.  I figured a lot of people who buy the d2000 and make impressions don't know a  whole lot about what they're talking about. I made an assumption that more people with the d7000 have already had a lot of headphones as the price for the D7000 seems more like a commitment to a hobby they know they like. So i trusted their judgement and bought higher end equipment to pair with the d2000 as i planned on eventually sending it out to Lawton audio.  I have looked at the graphs for many headphones on headphone.com and the d2000 seems to be the more flat headphone between the two as the d7000 shows a clear dip in the mids.  I knew what i was getting myself into when getting the d2000.  I just wanted to try them.  

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I really regret saying that the two are not a good pair without having first found out the problem but as for my allegation about my mids being the way they are is not something i need to prove to anyone.  They are in fact messed up somehow.  i am blaming it on the amp...for now.  

while typing this i said screw it and started taking them apart.  as soon as i took off the ear pads, the spacers i used to keep the stuffing for the pads fell out. They are metal.  thought to myself,....oh nooooo.  yep.  that's what it was. i'm guessing the music was bouncing off the sides of them cause now the problem is gone.  

the directions for stuffing the pads showed the top of a cheap plastic disposable cup.  I though more long term and saw the lids to my tea containers looking back at me.  bad idea i guess

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Don't stress too much, everyone jumps the gun a bit here, myself included. 


Lol yeah not a good idea. atleast you found the source. And what I have learnt is mods are exaggerated. When I took my cups off my D7k they sounded like ass, sloppy and floppy all over the place. A modded d2k, won't beat an R10. I'm quite sure that a modded D7k may only trade blows with it with the R10 still winning. (Obviously I haven't owned the R10) But the mods on the D2k will still make a fair difference.

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i too tried taking the cups off. didn't work.  The denon series needs the resonance from the cups to achieve the timbre that they have.

the internal dampening did work to an extent.  The timbre seems a little less bodied than before but now they have a more accurate and clean  presentation to them.  as for the stuffed earpads, they too worked except for the metal i put inside them. i am going to put the dampening material on both side of it and put it back in.  If that doesn't work then i will buy some jmoney pads.

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which kind of bass? 

majority will like denon bass, loose deep powerful. while AKG usually had tight bass , power of the bass however depends on the type.

because AKG more to opera-like performance, while denon is for mainstream with nice vocal, lively treble & thumping bass.

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When i think of denon's bass, i have come to really like how they voiced the headphone and why they made it the way they did.  A lot of music has bass.  I want to feel it they say.  

Ok, lets do this.

Put on a track with an actual bassist plucking away while on a denon headphone You will feel the pluck of the tight or loose string as if you had your ear right up against the string or as if your fingers could represent the feeling of playing a bass guitar itself.   Nothing less, or more, but definitely right there.  

A genuine instrumental experience if you ask me.  Maybe a little...little loose with the d2000 but super close.  I can appreciate that more than i can how a headphone will reproduce....let say dubstep.  Fortunately, because denon thought their customers needed to feel, in an accurate way, the plucking of good bass that is represented by an instrument, we have upon us a very special headphone that will engulf you in your music no matter what your taste is.



nothing is the best & perfect for all on audiophile world, instead you should buy many brand to match the need.

Mostly sennheiser adopt all arounder sounding, Denon close behind. 

While others is much like specified sounding.

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please delete my quote lol.  I wasn't very coherent when i wrote that.  embarassing

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