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My M50s came in the mail yesterday and I've been loving the hell out of them. Everything just feels better, I can't put my finger on it because there's no one thing contributing to the experience more than anything else. Anyway I've got a few question about things in general.


  1. Frequency response graphs, what are they? In my few minutes of research a flat FR graph is what we're all aiming for, but inevitably there will be variations and valleys and crests. So how can I read these?
  2. A sort of continuation of 1. If FR graphs tell us how our headphones output various frequencies can we base our EQs on the various dips and climbs that the graph makes to compensate for the dB boosts and drops?
  3. I've been running my headphones through both my Sansa Clip + and a cheap amp I've been using to run my surround sound, and using a 3.5 mm with the amp and the 2.5mm jack with the clip. I hear a difference in sound, but is that just my head or is there a genuine difference between running an amp rather than just my Clip at the same volume?