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hesitation between four headphones ... !

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hello everybody , first i will apologize for my mistakes , i'm not an english man :( 

so as you can read i hesitate between 4 headphones , i will use my headphone for listening music( hip-hop , rock , classic ... ) on my pc , and do some mix with them , i have read a lot of reviews but i can't make a choice 

list of headphones : the first is the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro 

second sony 7506

tirth shure 840 

fourth akg 701 

(if someone has a suggestion , they can do it , i can give 200 euro for my headphone) 

 can someone help me making a choice  pls :)

i have a second question ! 

is there any pc sound card that can be use as amp for the headphones ? ( i think the asus essence stx  right ? ) 


thanx a lot i hope you can help me 

good night 

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Those are some interesting choices.  Not many people like the K70X with hip-hop, so it's probably safe to take them off your list.


If you want one that is more for mixing than listening, the 7506 or 840 would be my advice.  I will admit that I have not heard the Sonys, but they have a very solid reputation as pro headphones.  The 840s would be much better with classical than hip-hop, but if you don't mind a bit of a dry sounding headphone, it's not a bad choice.


The 770 Pro is pretty legendary for bass response, and would probably be a fine choice, as long as you don't care that you don't have a really flat, accurate response.


I would recommend getting an external DAC/Amp instead of an internal sound card.  If you need the sound card for mixing purposes and already have an external amp, I would recommend the M-Audio 2496.  It is cheap, has world-class sound quality, and is good for pro work.  It doesn't have a dedicated headphone output, though, and the Asus is supposed to be pretty good as well.  For pro work, though, I would save some money by grabbing the M-Audio and then getting a Behrenger pro amp to plug into it.

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so thank you for your response , so my list reduice to 3 headphones youhou :D . i prefer a soundcard that can exploit my headphone , and i don't have an modern  amp so i think i will buy the asus essence stx if it is a good choice ? and i will buy a good  new amp for my birthday 16 oct  a good idea ? 

i need  basses on my headphone not too much ,  it is why i think the beyerdynamic will better fit with my favourite style of mucis (hip-hop) ?


(i have a question , i don't have a modern amp but 2 old amps ,20 years old do you think the impédance is high enough for a beyerdynamic dt770 pro 250 ohm ? )

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no one ?  


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well, some people here have experience with really old amps.
Maybe you should post the model name or something? 


If your PC has a decent soundcard already, get an amp to power

your headphones. Sound cards are not amps, they are dacs, which

improve the quality of the sound coming out.


What you need right now is an amp to power your headphones.

Then if you have enough money, get a soundcard. If you get

a sound card instead of an amp, you may not get the full sound

from your headphones. 

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the model name = jvc ax-e77

and  yamaha cr -440

 and if i take the shure 840 or the bd dt 770   80 ohm does i also need an amp while they don't have a high impédance ? 


thx a lot :)

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I think most AV receiver can drive them, Shure 840 is the easiest to drive (44ohm impedance), dt770 80 ohms is harder to drive but i think is still drive-able with your A/V receiver

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I'm familiar with that Yamaha receiver.


It was a good piece of equipment; came onto the market in about 1980.

Replaced the Yamaha CR-420, which replaced the Yamaha CR-400.


About 30 watts per channel, it was the least expensive of Yamaha's receivers in that line;

(The mid-price CR-840 was the most popular at about 60 watts per channel; it had a great tuner as well.)


I think that the MDR-7506 is most suited for the CR-440 out of the choices you've listed.

Sounds good and is easy to drive.  Price is very reasonable, and build quality is fine.

It's at the price point and level of quality that that best matches with that receiver.


The Shure 840 are better sounding headphones, but I'm not sure that you'd hear a significant difference

between them and the 7506 with that piece of electronics driving them.  And the Shure's run

about $125.USD more than the Sony's.


The 7506 are very solid phones; pretty much everyone knows that Sony somehow got it right with them

 - especially for the price point.  In my view, they're the clear choice here.


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here in belgium are the shure 840 the beyerdynamic and the sony in the same price range .... =/ 

but now i don't have an good amp but for my birthday i will own one so that is not a big problem , 

the choice is to difficult =/ 

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Hey, I have the older CR-420 and a Shure 840.


They run the Shures without breaking a sweat, no worries. Just make sure it's cleaned up with Deoxit so it isn't a scratchy sounding mess.

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Thanx everybody ! What about the sony 7510? A good choice ?
There are tooo much headphones frown.gif
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Originally Posted by ramzes235 View Post

Thanx everybody ! What about the sony 7510? A good choice ?
There are tooo much headphones frown.gif

I picked up a pair of 7510's about a month ago.


They're very interesting sounding headphones; mostly because

they have a very soft high end.  They're unlike any Sony headphone 

I've ever heard.


I'd strongly recommend listening to them if you can before buying them

unless the seller has a return policy.


If the 840's sell for about the same price as the 7506's,

I'd definitely go for the 840's. They're better headphones.

I also like the 840's more than the 7510's.




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What do you advice the beyerdynamic dt 770 prp or the shure 840 ?thx!
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hello , i will receive my sound card asus stx tomorrow and will buy the beyerdynamic dt 770 pro but i hesitate between the 80 ohm and the 250 ohm , the stx can drive cans to 600  ohm 

and i will buy and headphone amp in 1 month of two 

so wich of these headphone do advice me THANX a lot 

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i commanded the shure 840 we can close this thread THANX a lot to everybody !!

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