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help me create my dream setup

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i just came into a bit of money and would to revive my headphone setup as im only left with iems at the moment.


i have about 700 dollars to spend. and will be buying used



my main genre of music i listen to is extreme metal, deathmetal deathcore, hardcore and classic rock.


i haqve previously owned grado 80i, 225i, and 325i and out of all of them the 325i was my favorite due to its better bass than all of the previous cans.



with this money id like to grab a decent can and portable amp.




should i go with the hf2 and a pico or rsa p51 mustang


or rs1I and p51 or pico



my sources will be my ipod touch and laptop.


will upgrading my dap give a decent improvement? say switching to a cowon or such





or feel free to recommend another setup.




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keep your 325i, I don't recommend going any further then those if you're not going full PS1000

But that's just me.


Get a Cowon J3

FiiO E7+E9

Interconnect cable for Cowon E7 jump

Higher quality cable from USB to E9


save the rest of you money for a can later.

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i will never go higher up the chain than this. as i like bass and edge to my cans, no need for the refinement of anything higher. i just hear the bass on these is killer and trumps the 325i.

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I personally liked the HF2 with jumbo pads and the iBasso D2+ Boa DAC/amp when I had it. It will fit within your budget, have the bass slam you'll like and I think is better than the 325is. Plus the iBasso sounds pretty nice and has a long battery life.

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looking into a d4 currently.

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