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UE Superfi 5 Pro

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So, I sold my 535's and am awaiting my new/old W4's to get here and was rummaging through my audio box and came across my Shure E2c's (yuck) and my UE Superfi.5 Pro's.  Had to look them up as I didn't know which model they were.


Any way, they're pretty good.  They don't seem quite on par with the 535's and W4's, but they are probably 85% of them.  I was pleasantly surprised.  First thing I did was take the gels off and put foamies on and I was set.


Are these even still in use by anyone??  For me they'll definitely be my goto earphones when I want good sound but wouldn't want to risk the W4's (like taking them out of the house :)



I also notice they say "Pro".  Was there a non Pro version?? If so, anyone know what the differences were?  Just curious...thanks.

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They're out of production now. Shame really since I liked the sound signature a lot. Actually, most people on here who have heard them seem to like them. Of course, they won't compare to top-tier universals for detail etc, but for dual drivers, they do very well.

The non pro version is the one currently in production. I own a pair, they're not as good, SQ wise maybe a little bit better than the UE 3 Studio, but not by much. These new ones are also known as the UE 600.

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I still have a pair, they've lasted years and I've always been happy with them, although having heard quite a few newer IEMs I know they're not top-tier. They'll end up for sale on here eventually once I get round to picking something to replace them.

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I was a big fan of mine, until I slept with them inserted and cracked the housing at the connector.  I think their sound signature is great.  And, surprisingly, I found them very comfortable and easy to insert.

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