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OP, sorry to hear that you find a Beyer uncomfortable--they certainly are a safe choice for many where comfort is concerned, myself included. That said, I'd like to second the suggestion to try the HD800; if the T1 doesn't fit you, it doesn't fit you. I've gotten rid of cans that sounded good to me but were too loose (AD300) or too tight (Shure 440), and I don't believe you ought to force yourself to fit the product. The product ought to be a fit for you.


Out of curiosity, why did you decide to go from a 555 to a T1 instead of an 800?

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HD800's aren't readily available in Australia and are a special order in item only. And the store I use has a 20 day return policy on all headphones, no questions asked, except for the HD800. So I thought I may as well try out the T1, return it if I don't like and get the 800, instead of buying the 800 straight up and being stuck with it.

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Off topic sort of, but reminds me of AD700s. My god if you hate pads resting against your ear, you'd hate the AD700 padding. Just like me :) in fact gave me a headache within a few minutes without music, a minute with music.

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I also get really irritated by rubbing of earpads. The wonderful thing about the HD800's is that they basically enclose your ear vs. sit on them.


I have a rather embarrassing story, but when I first got HD800s I put them on backwards. That lasted actually quite a while, and i found them not very comfortable!


Having owned both, if you are mainly listening to the HD800s in a stationary place and won't travel much, I would totally go for those. They're comfy, superior, and just a great pleasure to listen to.

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