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Best IEM for 50 USD

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hello :)

I need the best IEM for 50 USD or less, if it necessary so maybe little more.

i searched a lot and i found 3 nice options: Sennheiser CX300 II, Sennheiser CX500 and Skullcandy TITAN,

Then i talked to a friend and he told me that this headphones considered good only in our country because it small and there isn't a lot of models here, so i  guess ill buy from EBAY and you can suggest me other and better models.

If that matters, i've got a nokia 5800 phone. 





after a little more search i liked the Xears TD III and the Xears nature n3i, is that the right choice? 

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This would be a good place to start looking, all the info you need is there

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I read about the types of the headphones that i mentioned and they seem to be not as good as i thought, so all i have to do is just choose based on my money range the best scored ones?

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after a little more search i liked the Xears TD III and the Xears nature n3i, is that the right choice? 

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Hey, have a look at the Dunu Trident on ebay if you like quality...

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can you tell me what do you think about the  Xears TD III and the Xears nature n3i

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if you want allot of bass you can't go wrong with either one of them, if you want something balanced you could go for brainwavz m1 or the analytical soundmagic pl50

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you have not said what music you listen to as that is important in deciding what IEM to choose.

If you are looking at online auction sites thus possibly secondhand your choice is much larger I can highly recommend Ultimate Ears superfi pro5 original version if you like lots of Bass as they are dual driver IEM's and if you are prepared to keep looking may just fall within your budget ( bought mine for £40 online).

If you like more Treble and detail then the Etymotic er-4p is a fantastic choice and highly recommended on this site and I have seen these go for around £50 as well. most IEM that retail from 100-200 are potential options secondhand on auction sites but always check the sellers rating as forgery's abound especially with makes like Dr Beats , monster, Sony and even Shure.


The sound from the skullcandy titans surprised me for it's quality to price ( bought for son ) but durability was suspect they have had Titans and ink'd models and both are now broken the cables need to be of a higher quality and would be well worth paying £10 more for better quality cables imo.

They were both resonably punchy on the bass but also lost clarity compared with the ue5 and ety's my own IEM but then they are nowhere near the class of them. They may be an option on a tight budget but be very carefull when removing the jack and were you have your player when listening ( a 90 degree jack extension would help this a lot and very cheap online).

Hope this helps I am no audiophile but did work as a sound tech for a couple years and have only mentioned models I have personal experiance of using.

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I'm not sure if I prefer a lot of bass because I don't understand this issue and I do not have much experience,

when I hear amplifiers and speakers I'd prefer that they have good bass and it could bounce all the room but is this the same with earphones?
And i havn't a particular style, I hear everything: rap, rock, metal, electronic, pop, etc.

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I'd definitely recommend the Xears TD series over the Sennheisers you've enumerated and the Skullcandies.  I think they'd do well with the genres you've enumerated, and although they have bass presence, it's not monstrous by any means.  I don't consider the M1 bass to be much lower, for instance. The Xears TD series all have sweet, sweet mids and sparkly treble.  A good compromise between hi-fidelity sound and a consumer friendly signature.


N3i is even better apparently ("wider" sound), but fit might be problematic, especially if those are your first IEMs.


However, note that the Xears stock tips are somewhat ordinary and don't bring out the best sound you can get out of them.  So if you're having seal problems, get some Sony Hybrids locally or fake hybrids from ebay


The Brainwavz M1 isn't bad either.  It comes with better ear tips, a nice accessory pack, and is an easier fit in my experience.


Both are excellent beginner earphones in terms of sound signature.


EDIT: If you go to the Xears ebay store (4satisfaction-store), you'll find some TD II BLK at around 50$ shipping included, without a need for a coupon or anything.  Those are tuned slightly differently from the TD III, with a somewhat more balanced sound.  Those are the ones I have and I highly recommend them.  At that price, I'd rather get those rather than the M1s at the new 45$ price (the M1 used to be 40$)...  Of course if you can get the TD III around the same price (don't know how much it is if you use the coupon), they can be a good choice too, but just thought I'd let you know.

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