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First Post- Looking for advice

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This is my first post here, and i am looking for some recommendations for a small tube amp.  I work away from home and would like to get a small, decent tube headphone amp that i can take with me. I recently bought  some Grado RS2i's, but find my portable Decware ZH-1, although sufficient, somewhat lacking.

 I would look to spend  around 3-400.00    Any ideas??

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I have been doin' some reading here, and am considering the Musical Paradise MP-301 Mk.2  based on price and size.  Tube rolling with this amp looks promising also.

I will read what ever threads i can find here about this amp, but  would appreciate any feedback from folks who have experience with this, and what phones you are using with it,  especially Grados.



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You know, I really liked my Hifiman EF2A. The gain was pretty high for my Grado's, but tolerable. The volume knob broke though in 5 days :( For that price range though, I would say get the Little Dot MKIV. Excellent rolling options, and quite popular, so some rolling opinions are available. The MKIII is also an excellent option, and leaves you with some extra cash too!

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Little Dot I+ for Grados and low impedance cans.

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Thank you for the replies!!  I will research  the Little Dots.  It seems that amplifier  /  headphone matching is not as easy as just picking any ol' amp, and seems many amps are a better match for the higher impedance 'phones.  From what i have been reading, the output transfomerless type amps are better suited to higher impedance.

 Maybe i shouldn't get so hung up on getting a tube amp, apparently the Schiit Asgard is a good match for lower impedance headphones.

I just like the tube sound.  I have a Cary SLI 80 integrated amp that i have been using more for headphone listening lately  than with speakers, it is just too big to take with me when i'm away from home!!


 The search continues...

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Originally Posted by HeatFan12 View Post

Little Dot I+ for Grados and low impedance cans.

Another vote for the 1+ with Grados. Truly a pretty impressive combination taking into account the price range. 1+ is a hybrid tube amp so it is perfect for low impedance cans

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