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I'm ready!!


Sennheiser's have never disappointed.


Favorites are the HD-580's; and the RS line is the only wireless worth buying w/Kleer digital technology.

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Awesome, I'm in:-)
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I love my HD-580's (on right now!)!


I loved the report...good read. Awesome thing about it is that I am able to draw my wife into the hobby (at least for appreciation) with the Chef write up...


I am in!

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I will participate also! What an opportunity!

I am really enjoying my Sennheiser PXC 360! Hopefully I can enjoy the legendary HD800!

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I absolutely love my HD598s. Wishing I could get myself a HD800. I'm in!


btw, do any of you know how to calculate the revenue for the company? It shows the profit, but not the revenue (or maybe I missed it...).

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I'm in. Best of luck to all of you. :D 

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I'm in!

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Great opportunity from Sennheiser. Many thanks for promoting it here.


Interesting take on the annual report. I liked the anecdotes of what sound meant to people (and how it was used) in fields not otherwise directly related. Pairing specific sounds with a particular dish is a really innovative idea.

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Thanks for this great opportunity.  I particularly enjoyed the article, "Listening to perfume", and found it interesting that perfumers' language incorporates many words from the musical lexicon .  As someone who enjoys preforming and listening to classical music, it was refreshing that homage was given to Debussy's Les parfums de la nuit.  It is a truly sublime amalgamation of delightful textures and multifaceted musical motifs, which is sadly often overlooked by many. . .

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I'm in. Good Luck, Head-Fi!

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Amazing report, though I have only read one(Raiders of Lost Flavours to be exact), and I envy Mark Brownstein because he can eat the foods while listening with a Sennheiser headphones. :(


Without further ado, I declare that I'm in and I hope I can win and replace my headphone with this. :D


Good luck to all participants! :D


P.s. Amazing giveaway, by the way! And my first post. I've been lurking around reading reviews, and finally I registered an account. :D


EDIT: Do we need to include our state and country too in the mailing address? I'm confused.

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I'm in. Good luck everyone.

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In on this extremely generous promo!  Good luck everyone!



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Ich bin da drin ind ich habe Ihr Jahres Bericht 2010  im klang riechen und schmecken gelesen.


I am in and read your News 2010 in Sound, Smell and Taste


I have owned Hd 580 since 1996 , this was my first Sennheiser Headphone .until now still a live without any faulness in the Sound .


Only Headband Pads are defect. overall is O K.


Now i have own 2 Sennheiser Headphone HD 650 with silver Driver and HD 800 just bought 2 month a go


Bravo Sennheiser Ich liebe Ihr Klang fuer Ewigkeit


Bravo Sennheiser i love your Sound for ever


Guten Erfolg fuer Allen


Goode Luck for everybody



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I'm in, 

and I wishes the best of luck to all who participate 


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