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My first amp

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I just got my first pair of decent headphones, the Audio Technica mth-A700. I have been told that they do not need an amp, but will definitely help. So i am wondering would the fiio e11 be a good starter amp? or should i go with a completly different kind.


-please help,


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ipod, laptop PC or other?


Not sure of the quality or ability of the amp, but I am  was considering this amp also. if I was on the move, I think I would grab the E11 to try out with my ipod .. its pretty cheap and people seem to like it.


Unfortunately all of my listening is in front of PC or laptop.. so for me that's not ideal. I am going to try out the E9 instead.



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If you're using a computer as your music server best to get the E7, that way you get a DAC, too. THen later if you need more power just get the E9.

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Okay Thanks guys! most of my music listening is on the tv

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I'd go with E11 for the price-performance ratio, but mind the cable management since both input and output terminals are on the same side, since it's primarily designed for portable use. But if you really just need a little boost, in terms of power and bass EQ, I suppose the E5's also good choice. At least this one's light enough to just clip somewhere or allowed to hang on the cables. Take note your TV or cable box usually uses RCA connectors so you'd still need an RCA>3.5mm cable.

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Electric Avenues PA2V2!!

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Originally Posted by Austin Morrow View Post

Electric Avenues PA2V2!!

I'll second this!

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If it is TV, are you running it off a stereo receiver?  My 200 dollar Sony receiver sounds rather good on headphones.

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