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I though the DDM2s timbre was average as well. 

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Originally Posted by soundstige View Post

Understandable, but the JVCs retail at over $300.


Exactly, and have wooden housings and wood drivers. Not exactly a fair comparison but hopefully puts it in a larger perspective.
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Originally Posted by Inks View Post

I though the DDM2s timbre was average as well. 

Hmm, interesting. The more I read from Radius users/listeners the more these sound like they are indeed the same.
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The Brookstones and both Radius phones,FWIW, have their own unique tone and timbre. Those looking for accurate over enjoyable tone/timbre should look elsewhere. My KRK and EX600(minus the foam) do accurate tone and timbre quite well. These phones are about lushness, warmth, texture, and an enjoyable presentation. Timbre is kinda natural and agreeable. Enjoyable but not highly accurate.


I would agree with shotgunshane that the mids might be slightly forward. Might have thought that was due to my S639's signature but it the same on other sources.


In all honesty, in the two weeks I spent with the TWF21 I never liked their signature better than my Trident. But the Brookstone pair seem to have some extra sparkle up top and my Trident do not sound livelier like they did against the Radius. I think I put the enjoyment factor Trident->Xears->Radius but the Brookstone are as enjoyable and engaging as the Trident are.


So, I'll have to say they might not sound just like the TWF21 but very similar. We'll see if someone gets to compare the two directly. But again, as shotgunshane mentioned, well worth the price.


*** Of course further burn in is necessary so take my take on the current treble amount/sparkle with a grain of salt. The treble can calm down just as with my EX600 and can change the Brookstone more toward the Radius which, by my turn in the loaner program, had been well cooked. We'll see how it progressespopcorn.gif

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Originally Posted by jant71 View Post

These phones are about lushness, warmth, texture, and an enjoyable presentation. Timbre is kinda natural and agreeable. Enjoyable but not highly accurate.

And they look cool in all black and chrome.
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I asked them about shipping costs to India and ...


To ship the Dual Driver Earbuds, sku 650580, via UPS international shipping, your shipping cost would be $152.23


guess I'll buy DDM2 instead wink.gif






Originally Posted by shotgunshane View Post

I’ve got close to 20 hours on them now...
Treble is very reminiscent of SM3 treble.  It’s pretty detailed and extended, even a little sparkle but takes a back seat to the rest of the presentation.  Mids to me remain fairly neutral in presentation.  If pressed I might say a tad bit forward.  Bass has come in stronger and definitely has a little bit of bleed into the mids warming up the sound.  Bass seems equal parts mid and sub bass.  These are definitely bassy, non fatiguing phones that lean towards a being just slightly dark.
This phone requires no amping and sounds really good from HO.  They are pretty efficient and you can really crank them up, if you desire, without any degradation of sound.  I would say soundstage is average and despite being vented do not have a large or airy presentation.  Notes are pretty thick in nature.  Also isolation is pretty low.  I think my Sony EX1000 and JVC FX700 isolate a bit more.  They are definitely very comfortable to wear and fit very snugly, however the cord is a bit microphonic.  A shirt clip is probably a must if you use these during any kind of vigorous activity.
In direct comparison with another bassy phone like the JVC FX700 you immediately hear the difference in clarity, separation and timbre the JVC’s have.  The JVC’s presentation is a good bit brighter as well.  The Brookstone’s seem to have a much thicker and warmer note than the JVC’s and has less dynamic range as well.   The digiZoid zo (tuned all the way down) helps bring out a bit better dynamics, however I do not like adding any of the bass enhancement steps with them.  I’ve never heard the real Radius offering, so I cannot comment on how close they are to these but I can say these are well worth $60.


That describes DDM2 to me. I agree with you and Inks about the timbre too! JVC is well...special!


Also, DDM2 is a bit underwhelming initially. It needs some time for it to be appreciated. I remember liking the FX700 instantly, but with DDM2, I needed sometime to warm up (a whole album) before I thought they were any good. Hope somebody can compare them side by side soon. Not sure when the DDM2 gets back to ljokerl as I just sent it on the way to the next person a couple of days ago.

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Well, I finally pulled the trigger. They'll be here...whenever they get here. k701smile.gif

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Eagerly awaiting a comparison/review... Kind of reminds me of the Altec Lansing Etys... 3 cheers for OEM.

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I got my pair of Brookstone Clear Dual Drive today, and while I am burning them in / casually listening, I had a quick question. I read earlier in this thread that Radius is a Japanese audio company. My pair of Brookstone say - "Made in China" on the box. Does Radius source their products from China as well? Or are these made in a different factory than the Radius dual drivers? 

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Almost certain they source from China and these are probably from the same factory. 

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I though the DDM2s timbre was average as well.

You are wrong,

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Why because you like them? It's relative, having heard the FX700, EX1000, HJE900, MDTributes, etc. these are not up there in timbre imo, but to be fair it is slightly above average. There is no wrong though, if the timbre is fine to you then okay but once again it's relative as well. 

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Dang, $60 for "DDM2's"?  Might have to get a pair for working out or something.

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I just received these today.  No burn in and they sound quite nice.  Warm sound, good bass and the treble seems smooth.  Light and very comfortable.  I'd say these are a steal for $60.  

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Why because you like them?

No, because it's just not true. Timbre in DDM2 are far from being below average, smooth, clear, sibilance free-yes, below average-no. From what I read here about these, they are more similar to DDM 1 than DDM2 which are more balanced and not that bass heavy. What about soundstage in these 'look a like ddm2' iems? DDM2 has great, open soundstage.

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