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Album art not showing up on Sony NWZ-A845

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Can someone help me find a way to get the Album arts to show up on some of my songs. The spotify downloads work but any I have put on the computer from a CD don't work. I had a look around and someone suggested MP3Tag but I don't understand how it works. I was using http://www.mp3tag.de/en/ download.


Thanks, Peteeee

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Personnally on the S755 (if i remember correctly) i was just putting the album art with name folder.jpg in the corresponding folder and it worked perfectly.

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Isn't the album art supposed to be attached to the songs, it show up on Windows media player but when I transfer it it doesn't show up on the player. I'm using the drag and drop feature at the moment, will be a bit annoying if I have to do it all via windows media player.

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Many players need a picture file called "folder.jpg" in each album folder for each album.  Not sure about the Sony...

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MP3Tag is very easy to use. Just download and install it.


When you start MP3Tag, you can choose to open folders or individual files. Pick a folder containing the album you want to tag with album art. Select the songs and then right click and choose "tag properties" (I think it is). There you can edit all the tags and add album art.


It is best that you prepare the album art in a separate software. I usually download album art and then change the size to around 340x340. This works on all my MP3 players.


I do not know how the Sony A series work. Perhaps they need a file called "cover.jpg" or "folder.jpg"? Rockbox DAP's used to require a "cover.jpg" in the album folder for album art to work. However, from version 3.9 Rockbox can read embedded album art.


You can look here for some tips:









As you can see in these threads, there might be a problem with the ID3-tags. They need to be V2, preferrably 2.3.


The best thing is if you try different suggestions and see which one works the best.


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Thanks, have managed to sort it now :). Though I could only find how to edit it by file not by folder. I'm using V2.49.

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I had a similar issue with my S639. What I eventually discovered was that any jpegs that were saved in the progressive format would not appear with the S639 after I tagged the files. Any jpegs saved in the baseline format always worked. Hope this helps.

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It looks like a recurring issue for Sony: I have a NWZ-E474 player and album-art and all jpeg pictures with progressive option don't display at all.

It works ok when I generate a jpeg file without this progessive option.

Thanks guys for pointing this.

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I'm an E474 user and all my files (yes, every single file) are tagged with mp3tag, I don't even need to copy folder.jpg to the walkman, it shows everything fine. Even 1500x1500 album arts show up fine. Maybe you guys are having ID3 tag issues?

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