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Clueless about what to get

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Sorry If this was in the wrong section. I didn't know whether to put this in full or portable headphones. Ok I am distressed. I am a huge audiophile. But when it comes to choosing headphones I am completely clueless about the ones I should get. I want headphones that are amazing to listen to and also at the same time look good (Because I'm on the move a lot I want to look great while having a nice pair of cans hanging around my neck, so yes i am vain). My budget stop at around $250, but I've heard some of the good ones shoot around for $400. So if anybody can help me choose headphones to this specification. They must sound good and also look good at the same time. I know sometimes that the genre of music you listen to might come into play, I mostly listen to rap and hip hop with a little house and dub step thrown by the side. If you can help me narrow down my decision I will be grateful

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all you need to know is in this thread:




happy reading.  and welcome to head-fi!  beerchug.gif

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SRH940, B&W p5,  ...... Beats?

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Rymd!  Shame on you for even mentioning the Beats' line!wink.gif  EnigmaticHipsta, here are some additional options or ya:


Audio-Technica ATH-50


Denon AH-D1100


Shure SRH440


Ultrasone HFi-580, HFi-780

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Phiaton MS400
Ultrasone HFI-580
Audio-Technica ES7


...and Pro 900

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all those are fugly the only ones that even look decent are phiaton ms400 and the pro 900

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good looks=good sound quality?

Dear lord and I almost bought grados!


Edit: whoops, didnt read that sound quality was in addition to good looks. But would you not buy a headphone if it sounded like a dream, but leaved a lot to be desired in the aesthetic appeal?

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seriously? AIAIAI's are beautiful IMO

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I did say i was vain... but really i like things that complement the way i look call it a bad habit

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Might I recommend some Skullcandy TI?  They're brown and gold.

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skullcandy? the quality of music those produce aren't even close to what the beats solo make (even though beats are stupidly over priced ).


i thought about buying grados or akg. but someone told me other wise

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Yes, but you're looking for stunning looks!

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i said looks and quality music too

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I throw in another vote for the Pro900's go used, you should be able to find them for 250, beats killers they are, a dubsteppers delight, try them! (hope you like bass!) You'll be hipster emo douching it in no time!

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I can vouch for the Aiaiai TMA 1's, they look really nice but i found the bass "oomph" to be lacking... The mids were crystal clear though

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