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Please help

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I am finally ready to jump into audiophile grade listening gear, but I could really use some help with deciding on which headphones to go with.  This is a pretty large expenditure for me, so I am not taking it lightly.

Let me preface some of my thoughts by saying I will be running the Fiio E7/E9 combo as an amp/DAC.

Originally, I was dead set on Sennheiser HD650's.  They are selling right at the top of my price range on amazon.com at just under $400.  The first (and only) pair of decent headphones I ever owned were Sennheiser on ear PX100 or 200's (not sure which they were); but they were amazing, and sort of hooked me on Sennheiser.  Problem is, the more I read about sound leakage from open phones, the more I realize I need closed cans for my current environment (deployed with the military, and I personally enforce a pretty strict policy of sound/noise respect).  So, that just about demolishes Senn's entire audiophile lineup.

Since making the decision to go closed, I have primarily been considering the Denon 2000's, and the Beyer DT770's.  Then, I see these new Beyer T50p's with this "tesla" technology that they are hyping the **** out of.  I have pretty well ruled out the Denons.  Just seem overpriced (not discounted at all on amazon, selling for MSRP) when I can get the DT770's for half the price.  

The question has now become, is this "tesla" technology going give the T50's nicer sound than the DT770's even though the 770's are more of a "dedicated", if you will, over the ear headphone?  If this tesla technology is truly everything Beyer hypes it up to be, then I will pay the $300 for those.  Still a closed headphone, still cheaper than the Denons by a bit; but if it's all just hype and the 770's sound better being fully over the ear, and not made to be "portable" then I'd just as soon go with those for around $200.

Ahhhhhhhh... somebody help me


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Your needs would be fulfilled with the Audio Technica M50's not only with their balanced sound but their rugged construction.


These are one of the few headphones that live up to the hype of being nearly indestructible, the Sennheiser HD-25 ii and

Beyer DT770 also fit the bill but if you're planning on taking your phones through some pretty hard times then my vote goes

to the M50.


It's foldable, tough as nails and ready to be tossed out of that Hercules next time you're falling out of the sky.

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A wall of txt OP


Senn HD25-1 ii

Won't need amp

perfect for anything and portable

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German Maestro has released a new "indestructible" can, I watched a video of a guy standing on them, check them out.

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