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Is the Sony NW-HD5 any good even though its so old? - Page 2

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for information, I have just upgraded my hd5 with a 32GB SSD from photofast and it works like a charm...

I have tested SSD from kingspec (128Gb) it don't work in the HD5 but is ok in my libretto U100.


The only problem with the photofast SSD is the crazy prices ....

see here : http://ssdeurope.com/manufacturer.html?mid=10

or here : http://shop.maxxxware.de/Solid_State_Drives_1_8_.html

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Hello,i would love to know how to make my HD5 achieve 80gb. I currently have 3 which all my music is on so 80gb would be great.

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I just dug out my NW-HD5 after not listening to it for couple of years. 


Wow, seriously good-sounding player.  No idea how Sony achieved it.  It can't play lossless (about 350kbps is the max).  With no external amp it has a seriously impressive ability to power my headphones.  It has a nice sound signature to it.  It's quite warm but with a kind of dry clarity too, bass is punchy, instruments are separated nicely but work together beatifully.  It just seems a very 'musical' player, especially compared to my s:flo2 (which is very powerful, but lacks that nice sound signature). 


I might have to find a version of Sonic Stage somewhere so I can make this my main player.  It must be almost 10 years old. 

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Originally Posted by James1822 View Post
No idea how Sony achieved it.


Are you serious considering Sony brought out walkmans & discmans for decades. I'm pretty sure they have achieved more than any other company that has been around.

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Also, the easily replaceable battery is a nice feature.
You should be able to find old versions of Sonic Stage online. If you can't, PM me and I'll see if I can find something...

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i left this in my drawers for 2 years and never use it with external amp (line out) before..


yesterday, out of the blue i took it out and try it with an amp..




its good! The mid is so sweet! the breath of the singer so real! the jus nice treble~ no bommy bass




I might not as good for modern music as some player but this is one real sweet sounding player.. i hv yet to try the modern sony players (F800, F880, X1000, ZX1 all only try at Sony store, which sound good for modern music..i think)


sweet old sony sound~ 

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Has anyone with a nw-hd5 tried any of the newer walkmans (nw-a10/a20, nw-zx100 etc.)? How do they sound compared to the hd5?

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Hi - how do you get the outer case off? I've undone the 2 screas at the bottom, and it slides down about 2mm then it stops - is there some other screw that needs taking out? I wondered if the side strap eyelet needs to come off...

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Hello - I need to fix the one channel only headphone socket, but I'm struggling to get the outer case off - I've taken the 2 bottom screws off, and it slides down about 2mm, then stops - what else needs to come off? Maybe the strap eyelet?

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