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Buying new earphones

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Kay I want a new earphone.I listen mostly to rock and metal.I dont like too much bass(that thumping effect am i correct?).I like loud,clear sounds.Like every instrument should be clear.I listen to really loud music.Budget is under 20$.I've done my research and I found EP630,KSC75,UE11(This one on here)!

Now,I've heard EP630 has a lot of bass which I dont like.Can anyone tell me if its that annoying?And do rock songs sound good?Also,how to spot a fake one?Should I buy online or from local stores?

KSC75 is great for its price(That's what people say).But they break too easily.That's one negative and another one is that I'm in India and its price is like 50$(2400INR).What would be the shipping cost,if I buy from Amazon?

Also,I just found another one.UE-11
Its <20$ on amazon.How good is this?Thanks!
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Dunu Trident .
Got them 3 weeks ago from ebay Dunu seller.

True earphones wink.gif

Gregory FR
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