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I'm looking to spend between $300-$1000 on a DAC.


My home television and stereo setup are combined, so I have three or possibly four essential needs:


1. DAC conversion of my TV signal.
2. DAC conversion of my PS3.
3. DAC conversion of audio from my Macbook Pro, and
4. DAC conversion of a possible CDP down the road.


Of course, the first three are the most important.


My receiver is an old Marantz 2285, and my speakers are vintage KEFs. I wouldn't want to part with either of these.

Is there a mid-level DAC that could handle these tasks and work with the Marantz? For example, I was eyeing the Rega DAC but am uncertain how much use I could get from the SPDIF/USB/Coaxial design. I'm still relatively new to this and would appreciate some help.




P.S. I'm also a musician who has been looking for a recording interface. I've been wondering if the Apogee Duet/Duet 2 could fit all of the above criteria, albeit in a less than ideal fashion.